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MF Lenses FOR SALE: Voigtlander, Canon FD, Contax


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All of the gear below has been used, but not abused. Everything works smoothly, focus rings, apertures. The lenses are as pictured, and the dust on them will be included free of charge! Sorry, I was shooting them with flash in a fairly dim environment. The Voigtlader lenses will all come with the filter that I kept on them. I haven't used them much, and these days the opportunities are fewer and farther apart. I live in Northern NJ just outside of NYC if anyone is local and would like to see them. 

Voigtlander Nokton:
10.5 $950.00
17.5 $750.00 (no box)
25II $650.00
42.5 $650.00
- Buy all four and I'll take off $200.00 from the total.

The Voigtlander's have grown fond of each other sitting in my cabinet not getting used much. They'd like to stay together, so I'd prefer to sell them as a set. 
This whole set was shot with the 17.5 and 25: https://www.mikepeters-photography.com/Category/The-Race-of-Gentlemen/

Canon FD:
135 2.0 $420
135 2.8 $110
100 2.0 $320.00
28 2.0 $220.00
- First two to sell will get a FD - M43 adapter

Canon F1n w/50mm 1.4 - $150

Set of four FOTASY FD to SONY NEX adapters, one with foot - $30

If you buy all four FD lenses I'll include the FD to NEX adapters, no charge


Contax AE:
135 2.8 $220.00 with M43 Adapter







061518_5531_CONTAX 135 F2.8 AE.jpg

061518_5532_CONTAX 135 F2.8 AE.jpg

061518_5533_CONTAX 135 F2.8 AE.jpg

061518_5534_CONTAX 135 F2.8 AE.jpg

061518_5535_CONTAX 135 F2.8 AE.jpg

061518_5536_CONTAX 135 F2.8 AE.jpg

061518_5537_CANON FD 28MM F2.0.jpg

061518_5538_CANON FD 28MM F2.0.jpg

061518_5539_CANON FD 28MM F2.0.jpg

061518_5540_CANON FD 28MM F2.0.jpg

061518_5541_CANON FD 28MM F2.0.jpg

061518_5542_CANON FD 28MM F2.0.jpg

061518_5543_CANON FD 28MM F2.0.jpg

061518_5544_CANON FD 135MM F2.0.jpg

061518_5545_CANON FD 135MM F2.0.jpg

061518_5546_CANON FD 135MM F2.0.jpg

061518_5547_CANON FD 135MM F2.0.jpg

061518_5548_CANON FD 135MM F2.0.jpg

061518_5549_CANON FD 135MM F2.0.jpg

061518_5550_CANON FD 135MM F2.0.jpg

061518_5551_CANON FD 135MM F2.8.jpg

061518_5552_CANON FD 135MM F2.8.jpg

061518_5553_CANON FD 135MM F2.8.jpg

061518_5554_CANON FD 135MM F2.8.jpg

061518_5555_CANON FD 135MM F2.8.jpg

061518_5556_CANON FD 135MM F2.8.jpg

061518_5557_CANON FD 100MM F2.0.jpg

061518_5558_CANON FD 100MM F2.0.jpg

061518_5559_CANON FD 100MM F2.0.jpg

061518_5560_CANON FD 100MM F2.0.jpg

061518_5561_FOTASY FD-SONY NEX.jpg

061518_5562_FOTASY FD-SONY NEX.jpg

061518_5563_ZHONGYI LENS TURBO II CANON FD - M43.jpg

061518_5564_ZHONGYI LENS TURBO II CANON FD - M43.jpg

061518_5565_ZHONGYI LENS TURBO II CANON FD - M43.jpg

061518_5566_ZHONGYI LENS TURBO II CANON FD - M43.jpg

061518_5567_VOIGTLANDER 17.5MM F095.jpg

061518_5568_VOIGTLANDER 17.5MM F095.jpg

061518_5569_VOIGTLANDER 17.5MM F095.jpg

061518_5570_VOIGTLANDER 17.5MM F095.jpg

061518_5571_VOIGTLANDER 17.5MM F095.jpg

061518_5572_VOIGTLANDER 17.5MM F095.jpg

061518_5573_VOIGTLANDER 17.5MM F095.jpg

061518_5574_VOIGTLANDER 42.5MM F095.jpg

061518_5575_VOIGTLANDER 42.5MM F095.jpg

061518_5576_VOIGTLANDER 42.5MM F095.jpg

061518_5577_VOIGTLANDER 42.5MM F095.jpg

061518_5578_VOIGTLANDER 42.5MM F095.jpg

061518_5579_VOIGTLANDER 42.5MM F095.jpg

061518_5580_VOIGTLANDER 25MM II F095.jpg

061518_5581_VOIGTLANDER 25MM II F095.jpg

061518_5582_VOIGTLANDER 25MM II F095.jpg

061518_5583_VOIGTLANDER 25MM II F095.jpg

061518_5584_VOIGTLANDER 25MM II F095.jpg

061518_5585_VOIGTLANDER 25MM II F095.jpg

061518_5586_VOIGTLANDER 10.5MM F095.jpg

061518_5587_VOIGTLANDER 10.5MM F095.jpg

061518_5588_VOIGTLANDER 10.5MM F095.jpg

061518_5589_VOIGTLANDER 10.5MM F095.jpg

061518_5590_VOIGTLANDER 10.5MM F095.jpg

061518_5591_VOIGTLANDER 10.5MM F095.jpg

061518_5592_CANON F1n w-50mm f1.4.jpg

061518_5593_CANON F1n w-50mm f1.4.jpg

061518_5594_CANON F1n w-50mm f1.4.jpg

061518_5595_CANON F1n w-50mm f1.4.jpg

061518_5596_CANON F1n w-50mm f1.4.jpg

061518_5597_CANON F1n w-50mm f1.4.jpg

061518_5598_CANON F1n w-50mm f1.4.jpg

061518_5599_CANON F1n w-50mm f1.4.jpg

061518_5600_CANON F1n w-50mm f1.4.jpg

061518_5601_CANON F1n w-50mm f1.4.jpg

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