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Vintage Analog Studio Sale

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Selling 25 years of professional and collectible studio gear.
Please text me at 310 500 0432 so I can easily send you pictures from my phone and discuss great prices.

Mamiya 645 with 3 lenses
Kowa 6x6 MINT with 3 lenses
Salute (Kiev 88) Russian Hasselblad Copy with 5 lenses, 4 backs, polaroid back and accessories
Pentacon 6 with 2 Zeiss lenses waist level and prism finder
Canon F1 35mm 2 bodies and many FD lenses

Konvas 35mm camera + set of 6 Lomo OKC 19 mount Prime lenses + 4 film magazines
JVC hdv 720p gy-hd100 Video camera with under 100 hours + custom Pelican Case

Speedotron 2403cx power packs x2 + 6 strobe heads + rolling case + accessories

Lowel Omni Lights kit + case + accessories
Lowel 2k Soft light kit + case + accessories

Bogen photo tripods - various
Wooden Cinema sticks with Miller Head
Wooden Cinema Baby sticks with O'conner Head

2X Sennheiser 416 Shotgun mics - matched pair + phantom power supply
1 Rycote Zeppelin for 416 with deadcat and flannel - hardly used
Sennheiser 815 Long Shotgun mic + phantom power supply
1 Rycote Zeppelin for 815 with deadcat and flannel - hardly used

DAT recorder AIWA
Many accessories

Vintage collection of antique movie and still cameras - too many to mention

... and much more





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