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FS: Moller Anamorphot 32/2x - Spares/Repairs [Fungus]

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Hey All,

Bought this Moller Anamorphot 32/2x back in 2016 (imported from Germany) with the intention of cleaning out the fungus/haze inside both the front and rear elements of the glass. Alas, I couldn't figure out a way to do it so I left it sitting in a drawer ever since! From memory, I don't remember seeing any visible effects to image quality when I tested it. BUT am selling this as Not Working/Spares/Repairs. Please bare this mind! [UK ONLY].

I'll also include the step down/up rings which allows attachment of the unit to a 52mm front lens thread.

Price: £199.00 GBP (Inc UK Postage) 

Payment via Paypal.

-- B

Moller Anamorphot 0.JPG

Moller Anamorphot 1.JPG

Moller Anamorphot 2.JPG

Moller Anamorphot 3.JPG

Moller Anamorphot 4.JPG

Moller Anamorphot 5.JPG

Moller Anamorphot 6.JPG

Moller Anamorphot 7.JPG

Moller Anamorphot 8.JPG

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On 6/6/2018 at 4:01 AM, Brunoalques said:

Hello, im Bruno from Brazil i really Santa to buy you lens, just if you can ship to brazil, i pay by PayPal in advance, thanks.



Hi Bruno. Thanks for your interest, but it's a UK/EU only sale I'm afraid.

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