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CAME-TV Terapin Rig (turns your stills camera into a shoulder rig)


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CAME-TV has a new camera rig that just came out, comes with a big block at the bag (for powering, monitoring, and audio):







Is it worth nearly six hundred bucks? (for the non-mattebox/FF version)

Hmmmm.... dunno, but I guess if it makes the client impressed with your "big camera" (totally not a stills camera! ha) then I suppose so.

Or if you actually need all the functionality there, then it can make a worthwhile value proposition to consider vs buying the components individually yourself and building it up.


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6 hours ago, UncleBobsPhotography said:

How does tall people feel about shoulderrigs? I often end up feeling like I'm filming from above when I'm using a shoulder rig like that, so I've assembled one where the camera is slightly lower than my shoulder.


Im a bit taller than average (watch my vlogs, I'm no Curtis Judd, but still you'll never see anyone taller than me in them), & this is one of th reasons I rarely use a shoulder rig. And I'd like to buy an easyrig! So I can have easy control over the camera height. 

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