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WTB: Sony F35


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On 5/18/2018 at 12:37 AM, zerocool22 said:

Yeah it kinda is. They go for twice as much.

You could potentially get a FS7 or F5 for around the same price as a F35. Although the F55 still tends to have a small premium (but sometimes it rarely might sell for nearly F5 prices). And then there is the F65 selling now for not too much more than a F55. Heck even Arri Alexa Classics are going for not too much more than a F35 now  

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I already got an UMP, because I dont like the FS7 colors. The F35 or F65 has way better colors. The F65 gets too bulky though, as on the F35 I can get away with a blackmagic hyperdeck. 
I might jump on the alexa train when prices come down even more. I dont like spending 10k on something old where repairs could cost me that amount.

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