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Rapido Technology FVD-16A, all the jackets, Moller 32/2x, and Helios 44-2

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1 hour ago, DirectorCH said:

Awesome thanks for the intel! I love that it fits seamlessly with the anamorphic jacket they make. I know you had said that the focus was a bit stiff, and it seems like that is the main issue people are seeing, is it as smooth as the rangefinder in your opinion?

Avoid the Rangefinder at all costs. Shooting anamorphic requires a lot of work and attention to detail (relatively speaking) and you don't want to have blue blobs ruin your footage shot on amazing vintage scopes. One thing I've learned is never take the easy way out with anamorphic or it'll come back and bite you in the azz.

I cannot speak on the Rapido, though it looks much better than the Rangefinder. I can tell you this however - the focus ring on my HCDNA was very stiff at first but it loosened up after a couple of uses and now it's perfect. It might be the case with the Rapido as well. Though I haven't copped any Rapido products, Jim is seriously amazing in terms of communication so he can surely help you out with this. Cheers.

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4 hours ago, DirectorCH said:

is it as smooth as the rangefinder in your opinion

Nope, that's one of the only things the Rangefinder has on FVD. My FVD focuses with little resistance. Maybe the next version can fix that. Would love something on Voightlander level.

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On 5/8/2018 at 5:16 AM, whoisjsd said:

It depends on the length/width, not the weight. As long as it can fit in one of the Full Metal Jackets or can take a 77mm filter clamp (with adapter), you're good.

just read your answer. thanks! my sankor 16c just arrived from the post office. i see rapido has the fmj for this lens, plus this ana lens surely can be adapted to a 77mm filter clamp. so I assume rapido fvd + sankor 16c will be a feasible run and gun setup. am i right? (or will lens/rail support still come into play?)

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Which adapter do you mean?

If so, then FVD is simply a diopter responsible for focusing. The better the diopter, the less impact on image it has.
FVD is one of the best, so it doesn't affect anything, bokeh included.

On the other hand, SLR Magic Rangefinder, the cheapest single focus diopter available, introduces a look of its own to the anamorphic combo and slightly alters bokeh (though it doesn't make blur more spherical).

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