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Rapido Technology FVD-16A, all the jackets, Moller 32/2x, and Helios 44-2


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I have been shooting when I can since I got the Rapido set. I was at the Youtube Tokyo Hanami Party for a little bit so I decided to throw together some of the video I shot there, as there still isn't much FVD-16A footage out yet. Let's just say that I am extremely happy with it.



I have the parts to use my Isco Ultra Star with this setup as well. I will shoot a bit with that after I finish practicing and tweaking with the Moller setup. Right now the only thing I’m missing is something in between the Moller and the Ultra Star, and then I’d have the anamorphic trifecta.

My Helios 44-2 isn’t in the best of shape. I like the atmosphere it gives, but it was a bit of a pain to set up in the Rapido Rear Metal Jacket. My Moller 32/2x isn’t so perfect either. But I absolutely love the look the combo gives. The best part with this new setup is that my shots look exactly the same with FVD-16a as without. I will push it a bit when I do some tests with my Ultra Star and my Leica Nocticron soon. But I hear that it also performs well with fast apertures.

I did have some slight issues with vignetting at first. But that was mostly caused by the original Rapido Moller clamp than the FVD. I ordered a new one from Jim and it works a charm. Before that I hacked together another clamp that let me set the Moller in the Helios a bit more and it worked well.

I am so happy with the Rapido FVD… it’s exactly what I wanted. It destroys the SLR Magic Rangefinder in almost every way. It’s so much cleaner, sharper, and works better with fast lenses. The only thing I wish it was better at is that the focusing was smoother. Also, my current setup goes a tiny bit beyond infinity. Not sure if it’s my weird lens combo or the FVD itself.

I have a lot more practice to do with this setup, so I’ll most likely be uploading things shot with it and the Isco very soon. I also have some other projects coming down the line as well. Look forward to it!

Tech specs:
Panasonic GH5
Anamorphic Mode 60fps 4K, VLOG
Converted to 24fps
Helios 44-2 58mm lens with Rapido Rear Metal Jacket
Möller 32/2x Anamorphot with Rapido Full Metal Jacket
Rapido Technologies FVD-16A
Tiffen VND
Marumi +1 diopter

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6 hours ago, bzpop said:

yeah, not a single focus pull in the video :( , probably not looking good, but it's sharp and better than dual focus anyways, gotta get 

I will film some today after work. I currently have it set up with the Ultra Star and the Super Takumar. My follow focus isn't exactly great, but you'll get the idea.

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18 hours ago, elgabogomez said:

I think it has the same orbs as slr rangefinder but not in blue, less distracting but still there.

I see what you mean, from 0:37 across the cyclist body, and then in the next static shot in the right side of frame. Have you seen more of this, @whoisjsd?

Still way better than blue orbs from the Rangefinder.

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41 minutes ago, Timotheus said:

Have you seen more of this, @whoisjsd?

They didn't show up on my Helios/Moller 32/2x video at all. Will conduct more tests. Super busy this weekend and I need to break it down anyway. May not post another test but will remember to check.


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Just jumping in here, is the  FVD-16A basically another challenger to the Rangefinder, HCDNA etc? Focus looks pretty smooth in your test (way smoother then the manufactures!) Thanks for doing the tests, there are so few options for single focus solutions and rectilux hasn't been answering my repeated attempts to get on the list.

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5 hours ago, DirectorCH said:

is the  FVD-16A basically another challenger to the Rangefinder, HCDNA etc?

Yep! Currently only bested by the HCDNA, and not by much. I am very happy with it.
I've owned the rangefinder and the difference is massive.

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Awesome thanks for the intel! I love that it fits seamlessly with the anamorphic jacket they make. I know you had said that the focus was a bit stiff, and it seems like that is the main issue people are seeing, is it as smooth as the rangefinder in your opinion?

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