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Iscorama pre 36, I think...


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New to this... I have an Iscorama lens - from a quick search I think a pre 36. I only ever used only once for a still shoot ages ago and thought it may be put to better use than having it sit in a drawer. Serial number 415xxx. Scratch, fungus and mould free. Everything turns smoothly. Finish on body has lost the sheen. Offers?





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    • By Hunterj11
      See my last post on the Isco 54 to read my offensive pre-amble to these lens sales.  Kisses
      Ebay auction ends in 24hrs.  Link at bottom of post.
      Super expensive over priced mint condition Iscorama pre 36 Cinegon Anamorphic Lens with redstan clamp and custom made dog schidt optics pl mount 58mm spherical taking lens.  Absolute mint condition.  You'll never see this again because nothing like it exists on this plane of existence.  Yes it's way overpriced and you can't afford it so don't buy it because I'm an idiot for even thinking of selling the jewel of the Nile.  Set for 24hr auction cause I'm desperate for fast cash.  Likely to greedily out it back in my safe tomorrow morning once no one bids on it because I'm so so stupid for trying to sell it.  If you are drooling and have ridiculous sums of disposable money then make my nightmare a reality and buy my most favorite beautiful precious lens I've ever owned.  This thing is so nice.  If you have the cash it's impossible for you to be anything but head over heals in love with it at first sight.  Good luck.  Damn you.

    • By hotdog
      Title says it all. Looking for a good copy of the pre36 or 36. I think it's time for me to move on from my 16D.
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