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Rare Minolta RF ROKKOR 250mm 5.6 mirror lens MD MOUNT (Just serviced)

Calum MacPhail

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Not sure if posting external sales links is allowed, please tell me if not :).

For sale is a rare, 250mm minolta f 5.6 mirror lens, recently serviced by well respected lens technician "the lens doctor". The lens had its focusing system cleaned and readjusted, to ensure the best possible accuracy and the lens elements were removed, cleaned and treated with anti fungal solution to ensure the lens a long life. As a result this is in fantastic operating condition and will provide great telephoto images from its compact body, its a great companion to any mirrorless camera. Service cost £100 and documentation available on request. This lens was previously owned by renowned Scottish photographer Harry Benson, so the lens already has great history.


Overall the lens is in excellent condition, save for a few minor cosmetic details. Some light marking to the outer body, some small marking to the internal metal of the lens (during the service) and minor blemish to the front element. All of these as stated are purely cosmetic and in no way effect the operation of the lens. 


Included with the sale is the original lens hood, rear filter and end cap, as well as a compatible Minolta lens cap (not the original, but official Minolta) and a good quality, vintage cord and leather carry bag. Hoping the lens will go to someone who will take care of it, so willing to let it go a bit lower to an EOSHD user.

Link to more images and eBay buy it now below.

Shipping from Glasgow, Scotland.


s-l1600 (1).jpg

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