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WTB Digital Bolex D16 - EU

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I've seen a couple pop up in Holland recently. I'llt ry to find them again and post them here. Good luck!


Not my ad, but here's a translation of the description:

Wonderful camera with a wonderful image. Still, I'll sell it because I want to make room for a new production camera. 

The body itself will be 3750, - euro. A reasonable and solid price. 

- Body (C mount, 2TB) 
- Pistolgrip 
- Charger 

Extras are available and can be discussed. These are some extras: 

- Alpha mount adapters 
- Canon mount adapter 
- Nikon mount adapter - Sharkfin Reflecting mirror 
- Rubber skin 
- Color plates for the sides 

- Some vintage C mount lenses 12mm and 24mm 
- SmallHD dp4 evf screen 
- Large heavy duty case with soft inside 

The complete package will be gone for 4000, -

I live in Arnhem, the Netherlands, 30 minutes from the German border, 1 hour from Amsterdam.

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      Looking to buy a Bolex Moller Anamorphot 16/32/1.5x 
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      Hey, all I am testing waters for my bolex 16/32. In good condition, has really slight imperfections dust/coating mark on the lens but doesn't affect the image quality at all. No cracks/fungus/deep scratches.
      Has the rapido mount which is 67MM but included is a 52MM adapter. Front thread is 62MM
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      Really nice lens, it can close focus to 1M with no diapoters which works for most cases.
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