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    valery akos

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    • By Zalem

      I am selling my red Isco Ultrastar Plus 2.1 anamorphic projection lens with caps. In perfect condition. Stored very safely in a dry box. Known as one of the sharpest budget anamorphic adapters.

      Together with the Isco, I am also selling 2 Redstan clamps designed specifically for this adapter: rear clamp with 62mm thread (to attach the Ultrastar to your taking lens) and front clamp with 75mm filter thread. Redstan clamps are easily the best clamps for anamorphic adapters and these are solidly-built and fit snugly around the Ultrastar. Step-up rings are optional. With this combination, you are ready to shoot anamorphic!

      Selling it all for $499. Buyer pays for shipping. Please PM for more information or more pics. Cheers!

    • By Francisco Rios
      I 'll be in Berlin shooting until 18 September,  then I will go to Koln . I will go back to Chile on 25 from BERLIN.
      So anybody want to buy these beauty piece of glass here in Berlin let me know...
      1.000.- euros with adapters and caps included
      At least I check my mails and iPhone twice a day (for sure at night)
      best. GRUSSE

    • By Raymond Poulet
      Brand new Canon .Price $5,00,00 Us with paypal

    • By jasonmillard81
      Hi crew!
      I'm looking to be a c100 II and sell my GH4.  I'd prefer in person preferably in NYC.
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