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Cosmicar 75mm f/1.4 C-mount Lens and Isco Ultra Star 2x Anamorphic Test


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First video test with the 75mm Cosmicar f/1.4 C-mount lens and the Isco Ultra Star 2x Anamorphic. It's my first c-mount lens and boy is it special. Other than a few small issues with some of the shots in post (Some of the early scenery shots fell apart instantly in post...) I am extremely happy with the results of this combo. After making some tweaks in the future, I think this is a real world setup for a unique and beautiful look.

The challenges I faced were the razor thin focus and the seemingly random vignette. First challenge is mostly because the aperture blades are hexagonal, so to keep the oval bokeh I had to keep the lens wide open. I want to look into swapping out the aperture somehow in the future. Second problem I'm still not entirely sure of. The lens is at it's shortest at Infinity. Some shots that have the exact same setup as others in terms of focus and diopters on the front vignette for no reason.... unless I am missing something entirely.

Dat Bokeh Tho.


Special thanks to Jennifer Liza for being in the video!

Panasonic GH5, 4K 60fps Anamorphic Mode, V-LOG
Cosmicar 75mm f/1.4 C-Mount lens, Isco Ultra Star 2X Anamorphic lens
0.5+, 1.0+, and 3.0+ diopters used. Variable ND used for daylight shots.

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1 hour ago, buggz said:


That's pretty cool.

I have one of those around here, somewhere, wonder how it'd work w/ my Kowa for B&H 2x ?


Probably pretty good! It'd be like my Ultra Star but with flares most likely. it should be short and big enough to have little or no vignetting.

I would like to shave down the front of my Ultra Star someday and see if I can get it vignette free with this setup.

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