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5d markiii update gives audio synch issues!


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After updating to the firmware 1.2.1 I'm experiencing audio monitoring synching issues.
I'm going through a juiced link box into the cameras Mic socket and monitoring audio through the cameras headphones socket. No hdmi monitoring going on, just viewing the image on the back of the camera. This is a method I've used many times before with the old canon firmware without any problems. With the new firmware when recording, the image on the cameras screen is about 5-10 frames out of synch with the audio.
It's recording onto the card in synch perfectly, but its really disconcerting to monitor the audio this far out on the screen. I'm using sandisk ultra fast cards, same as before. Has anyone else experienced this?
If It's the new firmware I'm not sure I can live with this, can I go back to the original firmware? Hope someone can help, thanks.
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As an update to my issues listed above I found this post on f stop academy
Which seems to confirm what I found. They tried to record sound from the headphone jack to the ninja and found it was approx 5 frames out too.
My guess is that the audio has not changed and is still in synch with the subject being filmed, it seems that the update has caused all visual monitoring to slow down and lag behind real time. This makes sense thinking of the magic lantern raw dng discovery, it seems that the higher res feed from the hdmi is slowing down the whole monitoring pipeline but not to the in camera recorder as that is staying in synch on the card in camera with the audio, very strange. I think I will have to try and go back to the old firmware, does anyone know if this is possible?
One step forward, two steps back. Many thanks
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