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FS: Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 + Leica 12-60 mm F2.8 - 4.0


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    • By Paul Cryer
      NOW SOLD
      Hi All
      Selling one of my GH5 kits. 
      Body - GH5 (purchased 18/07/2017 from LCE) plus 2 additional Hahnel batteries. Still has original box PLUS vlog key. Also included in a Metabones Speedbooster XL (purchased Feb this year). £1500.
      Lenses - 1x Tamron SP35mm Prime and 1x Tamron SP 85mm Prime, £500 each. Both purchased from WEX earlier this year. 
      Whole kit for £2350.
      I'm in Manchester, so UK sale only and even better if buyer is local, can check kit out. Postage fees will apply otherwise. Not taking offers.
    • By midloch
      This is a pure adventure I have experienced just a few weeks ago in the peruvian-brazilian border. In deep amazon jungle lives Matses tribe and now you can see a short trailer of three friends (father his daughter and me) going alone to this very remote part of the world. The film will be done in the middle of 2018 :-)
      Shot on Panasonic GH5 10bit V-log, GOpro + DJI Spark.
    • By whoisjsd
      Hi Everyone! I usually only lurk in the Anamorphic forum, but I recently finished a big spherical project. I teamed up with skater Luis Mora to tell his story while in Tokyo. We shot very quickly all around the city and still didn't get everywhere. I also gained a new respect for skate filmers, as it's really hard to do right. Overall, we met his hard deadline with only hours to spare. Other than wishing I had more time to color correct (Most of the choices were his, especially anything that has been brightened) but I'm pretty damn happy with the result for the time we took to make it!

      Gear list:
      Panasonic GH5, 95% shot with V-LOG
      4K 60fps and a few at 1080p 120 fps
      Panasonic Leica Nocticron 42.5mm f/1.2 (75% of shots)
      Panasonic 12-35mm f/2.8 (20%)
      Voightlander 17.5mm f/0.95 (5%)
      Several variable ND filters
      Beholder DS2A Gimbal with D2S 5th axis arms.
      Simple tripod screw grip handle
      Only about half of it was shot with the gimbal. The GH5's stabilization is mind blowing. Using IS Lock at all the right moments makes a HUGE difference. It's a game changer.
    • By Mckinise
      Selling Pansononic GH5. It was purchased for a video project that never happened. It has Never been used on a shoot. There have been no photos taken using the mechanical shutter. The only action it has seen was me taking it out of the box and trying out the 6k photo mode and stabilization features.
      This consisted of me literally walking around the house shooting video. It has all of the accessories, manuals, etc. It also has the receipt.
      I also have two Brand New still in the package PNY 128 GB 95 MB/s U3 memory cards. I will sell those for $55 a piece or $100 for both.
      If you purchase the entire lot for $2000 I will throw in a 3rd 128 SD Card. It is a SanDisk 128 GB 90 MB/s U3 memory card.
      I used it for the walking around the house taping and maybe a volleyball game on my G7.
      I accept Paypal. Same day shipping as purchase.
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