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Robert Nagy

Samsung NX - 1

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I'm selling my old friend he's Samsung Nx1. He needs somebody who can truly understand it's potential. It may be young, around 20k shots but damn' it can make some pretty neat stuff. 

It comes with a battery a canon adapter and a mft adapter and of course with battery and charger. 

All this for 1,200 USD ( shipping from Romania ) 

( You can see more products in the image, but only the camera is for sale. ) 


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I'll trade you for a powerful ASUS ROG laptop?

Not to disparage or manipulate you, but it's unlikely you're going to get your asking price. I know you probably see other NX1 bodies on eBay and Amazon for a similar price, but that doesn't mean they're getting sold, especially when you can find brand new in the box sealed overstock from S.Korea for slightly higher than you're asking. It's easy to think that's what people are selling it for but the reality is those products are collecting dust. 

Trust me, I'm a huge fan of the NX1, I own one myself. I'm keeping mine but I did entertain the thought of selling it a handful of times myself. 

The NX1/500 are anomaly products who's real market value is a bit subjective. I would say a more realistic value would be $800-$1,000 USD, depending on condition and shutter count.

I know that's a little hard to hear for such an awesome body but you increase your chances of an actual sale if you price it at true market value, as opposed to it's perceived one.  

A good way to judge these things is there's an option on every product page on Amazon to trade in your stuff. Add about $100-$300 to their estimate and that's a pretty good metric of the actual market value. B & H and Adorama have stopped accepting any NX products. 

My gaming laptop is valued slightly below an NX1 body as it has about as many years of depreciation and retailed in a similar price bracket, except I would say you'd get more general value and use out of a laptop over a camera.

I loaded the laptop with 32GB (it's max) and a fast SSD. It's in peek physical and functional condition, zero damage of any kind. I baby my gear as if they were one of my children. Win10 pro on board. Possibly some extra goodies we can talk about offline. 

I could even throw in a fast USB 3.0 3TB Seagate external drive to sweeten the deal. Also in peek condition, naturally. 

It came with an i7 2nd gen, 4core/8 thread Intel, Nvidia 560m/3GB GPU. 17" 1080 screen, full hdmi second display port. DVD writer/reader and an internal SD reader/drive. Network port. Wifi/Bluetooth. Performs quite well even with today's processing demands and in some applications performs better than my more recent work laptop, which is a newer ASUS ROG laptop with a Nvidia 1070 GPU. It's a lot of mobile power. I'm going back to a desktop system as I'm not the work at Starbucks type, and if the public saw some of the stuff I was working on I'd probably be in court being sued for breaking NDA.

I'm looking for a second NX1 body to gain a 2-cam system for dialog scenes. 

Can send plenty of photos. Interested? 

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    • By tompeter
      Samsung NX NX1 28.2MP Digital Camera Black with 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 lens On Ebay
      Price: $600.00
      Product Identifiers
      Brand Samsung
      Model NX1
      Product Key Features
      Battery Type Lithium-Ion
      Color Black
      Features Auto Focus, Face Detection
      Series Samsung NX
      Type Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens
      Connectivity USB
      Megapixels 28.2MP
      Weight 19.4 Oz.
      Width 5.5in.
      Height 4in.
      Depth 2.6in.
      Additional Product Features
      Exterior Color Black
      MAX Video Resolution 6480x4320
      Touchscreen Yes
      Sensor Resolution 28.2MP
      Camera Type Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens
      Display Type Amoled
      Sensor Type Aps-C Cmos
      Screen Size 3.0".0"In.
      Lens for Sd Body only
      Additional Features Autofocus, Face Detection, Auto White Balance
      Display Size 3in.
      Supported Flash Memory SDHC Card, SDXC Card, SD Memory Card
    • By Daniel1977
      I am selling a used Samsung NX1 camera.
      The camera is in very good condition.
      The equipment is fully functional, without any damage, except the paint loss on the bottom of the screen.
      The set includes the original battery and lenses:
      20mm f / 2.8
      30mm f / 2.0
      60mm f / 2.8
      50-200mm I f / 4-5.6
      Lenses are working.
      Lenses have visible traces of use.
      I am interested in selling the presented set.
    • By Alexajune
      So somehow the sensor to my nx1 was damaged and I don’t really have the money to start over with a new camera + all new lenses at the moment...So I have been hoping to find an NX1 for sale at a reasonable price, most listings I have seen include lenses which push the price too high for me (and are lenses I already have.)
      Located in the US, Utah if that matters.
      My sister is coming out in a month to visit me for the first time, and I would love to be able to take photos of her family as a gift to her. 
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