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Samsung NX - 1

Robert Nagy

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I'm selling my old friend he's Samsung Nx1. He needs somebody who can truly understand it's potential. It may be young, around 20k shots but damn' it can make some pretty neat stuff. 

It comes with a battery a canon adapter and a mft adapter and of course with battery and charger. 

All this for 1,200 USD ( shipping from Romania ) 

( You can see more products in the image, but only the camera is for sale. ) 


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I'll trade you for a powerful ASUS ROG laptop?

Not to disparage or manipulate you, but it's unlikely you're going to get your asking price. I know you probably see other NX1 bodies on eBay and Amazon for a similar price, but that doesn't mean they're getting sold, especially when you can find brand new in the box sealed overstock from S.Korea for slightly higher than you're asking. It's easy to think that's what people are selling it for but the reality is those products are collecting dust. 

Trust me, I'm a huge fan of the NX1, I own one myself. I'm keeping mine but I did entertain the thought of selling it a handful of times myself. 

The NX1/500 are anomaly products who's real market value is a bit subjective. I would say a more realistic value would be $800-$1,000 USD, depending on condition and shutter count.

I know that's a little hard to hear for such an awesome body but you increase your chances of an actual sale if you price it at true market value, as opposed to it's perceived one.  

A good way to judge these things is there's an option on every product page on Amazon to trade in your stuff. Add about $100-$300 to their estimate and that's a pretty good metric of the actual market value. B & H and Adorama have stopped accepting any NX products. 

My gaming laptop is valued slightly below an NX1 body as it has about as many years of depreciation and retailed in a similar price bracket, except I would say you'd get more general value and use out of a laptop over a camera.

I loaded the laptop with 32GB (it's max) and a fast SSD. It's in peek physical and functional condition, zero damage of any kind. I baby my gear as if they were one of my children. Win10 pro on board. Possibly some extra goodies we can talk about offline. 

I could even throw in a fast USB 3.0 3TB Seagate external drive to sweeten the deal. Also in peek condition, naturally. 

It came with an i7 2nd gen, 4core/8 thread Intel, Nvidia 560m/3GB GPU. 17" 1080 screen, full hdmi second display port. DVD writer/reader and an internal SD reader/drive. Network port. Wifi/Bluetooth. Performs quite well even with today's processing demands and in some applications performs better than my more recent work laptop, which is a newer ASUS ROG laptop with a Nvidia 1070 GPU. It's a lot of mobile power. I'm going back to a desktop system as I'm not the work at Starbucks type, and if the public saw some of the stuff I was working on I'd probably be in court being sued for breaking NDA.

I'm looking for a second NX1 body to gain a 2-cam system for dialog scenes. 

Can send plenty of photos. Interested? 

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    • By neosushi
      Hi everyone, first of all I am based in France and I can ship anywhere in the EU.
      I am one of the earliest adopters of the Samsung NX1 in France, I remember ordering one the day Andrew posted his first video with the NX1. I then went to get an NX500 when it came out too. This has been my primary system since then so it will have signs of wear as I have used it a lot. And I can also state that this thing works flawlessly. It is amazing, I have played with almost every other camera out there and nothing gives as much pleasure as this one. That being said it it now time for me to part with it so here it is :
      Pictures : https://ibb.co/album/detwva
      Cameras  :
      Samsung NX1 + 2 batteries 
      Samsung NX500 + 3 batteries
      Lenses :
      Samsung :
      20mm F2.8 (perfect for gimbal work)
      45mm F1.8 (so light and fast !)
      85mm F1.4 (my favorite for portrait work)
      16-50mm S F2-2.8 (the best all rounder lens I have used !)
      50-200mm F4-5.6 (not my favorite, but useful and super light)
      Lensbaby :
      56mm F1.6 Macro Lensbaby Velvet 56 (it's a full manual lens with an amazing creamy / dreamy feeling when completely open. Past F4 it starts to be very sharp. It's also a great macro lens !)
      Accessories :
      External NX battery charger.
      M mount adaptor : This thing is insane : you can mount Leica M lenses on the Samsung NX1. It's crazy.
      Ok so now the price : This is about 5.000€ worth of equipment when I bought it. I am selling for 2000€ (not negociating).
      I have not considered yet breaking appart the lot but maybe I will, so if you are interested in several items please let me know. If it's just for one lens, I will probably won't do it sorry

    • By Daniel1977
      I am selling a used Samsung NX1 camera.
      The camera is in very good condition.
      The equipment is fully functional, without any damage, except the paint loss on the bottom of the screen.
      The set includes the original battery and lenses:
      20mm f / 2.8
      30mm f / 2.0
      60mm f / 2.8
      50-200mm I f / 4-5.6
      Lenses are working.
      Lenses have visible traces of use.
      I am interested in selling the presented set.
    • By Alexajune
      So somehow the sensor to my nx1 was damaged and I don’t really have the money to start over with a new camera + all new lenses at the moment...So I have been hoping to find an NX1 for sale at a reasonable price, most listings I have seen include lenses which push the price too high for me (and are lenses I already have.)
      Located in the US, Utah if that matters.
      My sister is coming out in a month to visit me for the first time, and I would love to be able to take photos of her family as a gift to her. 
    • By Parker
      Hi folks. Been trying to consolidate my gear lately so here's a bunch of stuff for sale. Feel free to message me for more pics/information.
      Up first is the venerable Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 lens (Canon EF mount) also included as an extra is brand new cinemorph anamorphic filter from Vid-Atlantic. Lens is in great shape, comes front and rear caps, hood, protective case and original box. 

      Nikkor 28mm f2.8 AI-s
      Andy Lee has called this lens one of the greatest wide angles ever made by Nikon, extremely little distortion, and truly impressive almost macro-like close focus. This one has been loved a bit, but glass is clean and scratch free, no fungus or haze. Aperture blades do sho just the tiniest bit of oil, but they're snappy and open and close just fine. 

      Edelkrone QuickRelease One. 

      I bought this after Matthias Burling reviewed it, but it never quite fit into my workflow the way I hoped it would. Cool piece of kit for run and gun though. Comes with original case as well. 

      Zeiss Jena Flektogon 35mm f/2.4 (RED MC Version)
      This lens is in absolutely PERFECT condition. I just had it completely disassembled by professionals and they cleaned the optics and regreased the focus mechanism so there is not even a speck of dust to be seen. This lens is very well-regarded, and is widely considered to be the very best of the East German Zeiss lenses. Superb close focus, wonderful character. 

      Samsung NX 30mm f/2 
      Great shape, front and rear lens caps, sharpest prime for NX system. 

      Samsung NX 50-200mm OIS III
      Third and latest edition of this very nice, compact, convenient kit zoom for the NX system. If you can't afford the 50-150mm and just need the extra reach, this lens is worth it. 

      Sigma 30mm f1.4 Nikon mount (with Canon adapter/aperture lever)
      This lens is in flawless condition. I bought it but ended up never using it, comes with original box, lens caps, warranty information, very clean. 

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