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Odd Gear Request


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Hey All,

Bit of a strange overture here, but I'd like to swap out my ew100 ENG G3 516-558 MHz for an ew100 ENG G3 566-608 MHz.  

This would be for the lav transmitter and receiver.  My G3 516-558 MHz is perfectly functional.  It's cosmetically scuffed a bit and the LED on the receiver doesn't work.  Otherwise, still fine.

If you, a reputable tenured member of this forum (sorry, Egyptian dentists need not apply), have a similarly used ew100G3 that's 566-608 MHz, but don't really care which freq. range you use, think a fair trade would be possible?  

I'd pay for all shipping and even throw in a $25 amazon gift card as a personal thanks.  Basically, getting my hands on a 566-608 MHz would really help me out a ton at the moment!  

I don't know if this is a ridiculous request (probably) but it couldn't hurt to ask.  I suppose I'd also be happy to anyone letting me rent a 566-608 MHz for 2 months?  I'm open to any options that don't involve me spending $800 for a completely new kit.

What do you think?  Oh, BTW, I'm in the USA at the moment.

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15 hours ago, fuzzynormal said:

ebay?  Or elsewhere?

Yup! Mostly eBay is where I go for my deals. But occasionally elsewhere too.


9 hours ago, scotchtape said:

Lots on eBay but frequency range varies so you have to be patient.

Indeed, I highly recommend doing a LOT of research first as to what is the right frequency range for where you live and work in. 

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I've also used the Rode filmmaker kit -300$ new- and, though it is nowhere near as sturdy and well built as the Sennheiser kit, sound quality is pretty much the same and it uses the "digital" frequency range and therefore does not interfere with other radio frequencies -and that range is free I believe, which is one of the reasons the kit is so cheap-.

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It is stupidly bulky though, and operates in a frequency that can get to be extremely congested. 

Just due to the sheer bulkiness I do NOT recommend it for filmmakers to use on talent!

It is only a camera hop for me. 


18 hours ago, pablogrollan said:

and that range is free I believe, which is one of the reasons the kit is so cheap-.

That has nothing to do with it. 

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