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FS: Kremlin Set MINI - Made in USSR - MIR 20mm MIR 37mm HELIOS 58mm - SOVIET AESTHETICS!


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Selling this mini Kremlin Set. I used it for filmmaking with 5D Magic Lantern RAW. Stunning results, great organic look, with beautiful slightly warm colors, great compared to clinical modern lenses. 

I completed it over last 2 years, each lens is a good copy. With soviet glass there’s huge variation when it comes to quality. I tested few copies of each lens and kept the best. These are soviet made, build like tanks, all metal and strong. They have normal signs of use but are very very good condition. I’m only selling  to satisfy my GAS syndrome for Contax glass :)


Shipping from Germany, worldwide shipping possible but ask before. 


MC MIR-20M 20mm f/3.5 - Amazing, and rare, wide angle - very close minimal focus, sharp with great tonality


Aperture clicks good for soviet lens, focus as smooth as it gets with those lenses. 

To my eye there are no scratches on glass elements, with microscope you can perhaps find some micro scratches but I would call it near mint. 

I had to remove the “hood” as it was showing in the shoots (that soviet design haha), metal hood is included and as well some original “filters". Front cap and back cap (“zenith”)  I can’t see  fungus or dust.


Mir 1B 37mm f/2.8 - Lens that won Grand Prix Brussels in 1958. Very sharp for such a old design, great bokeh and organic color.  Smooth step-less aperture. Really lovely aesthetics.


I can’t see any scratches on glass elements. I had to remove small metal element on the back as the mirror from 5D hit it, but it makes no affect on the lens operation (check photo).

Aperture moves smoothly, focus smooth (for soviet lens). There is some rattle noyce as if there was a loose screw or something but it doesn’t affect the lens use or results. I guess thats the soviet charm.  I can’t see fungus or dust.


Comes with generic M42 back cap, 49-77 step-up filter and Nikon front cap. I might still find original front cap (not guaranteed) but you are probably better off with the Nikon one :)



Helios-44M 58mm f2.0 - the classic BOKEH master, lovely swirly bokeh. This one is made in 78 so better times for soviet production. I can’t see scratches on glass elements, focus moves smooth for soviet lens, aperture de-clicked!  This one comes with m42toEOS adapter and canon back cap. Again I will try to find front cap but it’s not guaranteed. Can’t see any fungus or dust



Any questions just ask! 



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