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Yokohama in 8K - A Panasonic GH5 6K Photo Mode Anamorphic Exercise


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This was a pain in the ass to make.

I was getting impatient waiting for the next GH5 update that should give us full resolution Anamorphic Mode. The 6K Photo mode uses the full sensor and gives you a massive 4992×3744 30fps video file. Only issues are that you lose a lot of image control (No Cine-D) and it's recorded in H.265. I had to use Handbrake to convert all the files before I could edit them.

I had originally planned to do this with 5.1 audio, but my mic setup failed miserable. Might have been the heat, as it was hot, humid, and hazy. Not the best conditions for shooting, but I have to shoot when I have time to shoot.

I shot this with the GH5, the Panasonic 45-175mm zoom, and the night shots with the Leica 42.5mm. The anamorphic used was an Isco Ultra Star. I used a variable ND, CPL, and a +1 diopter for the shots that needed them. I was trying to get the sharpest image possible, but double focusing in that heat while running around proved more difficult than I imagined. Couldn't film too much, as the file size would have been massive.

Final file was 9984×3744 pixels and 42 GB for 3 minutes and 19 seconds of video. I had to use the GoPro Cineform codec, as it was one of the few decent options that let me render this file size. Youtube seems to stop encoding at 8K, so that's what I listed it as.

It was a fun experiment. I wish I could have filmed in better conditions and had more gear (Carrying what I had was already too much, though). Let's hope the high res Anamorphic mode in the next update is easier to work with...

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