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Any love for the Canon EOS M5?


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45 minutes ago, ade towell said:

I like the 17-55 more than the 24-105, more pleasing image overall for me, nicer bokeh, obviously better in low light and the 24-105 loses light as you zoom unless you have it wide open. 

I wouldn't say the 24-105 is great either. I don't really like the wide end much. 35mm and onwards it gets better. But quality for me is similar to 17-55, obviously you get more light and a wider angle with the 17 so it's not really that comparable. I'd more compare the 17-55 with the 16-35is, which although slower is a much nicer looking image imo (but also doesn't zoom as far).

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I have an M5 and is my travel camera mostly for photos because my 1dx and 1dx II are too big for that. I had a M before but the M5 it is much better. I also use the M5 as remote camera or as wide

Who cares about sales? Most people are sheep with minimum knowledge, and as I'm not a Canon shareholder I don't care about who is in the lead of sales, I care about what is going to give me the m

Good to know. The 35mm F2 IS by the way is a gem.

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11 minutes ago, mercer said:

Yeah I had the 17-55mm last fall and I liked it but it is a big and heavy lens. I don't remember how good the IS is but I'm kinda spoiled by the 24-70mm f/4 which has great IS. I think they solely used the 17-55mm on that Narcos show? Or so I've read. 

Yeah IS is ok on it but not great. IS on 16-35 f4 is really good (all new IS lenses are pretty much).

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On 6/27/2017 at 6:58 AM, Andrew Reid said:

One lens I'm curious in for Canon APS-C is the good old 17-55mm F2.8

I know it's sharp for a zoom and convenient, but is it cinematic? How's the rendering? Any samples?

My issue with this lens is that like many stills zooms, it starts pinching at about 24mm - for me a big part of the cinematic look is mild to wild barrel distortion :)

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