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Leaked Canon C200 photos

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1 hour ago, Oliver Daniel said:


I agree that it may shoot 10 bit and obviously 4k. (It has a Cfast slot). 

Bizarrely, the C300 II has a very poor 120fps option and also no 4k 60p option. That's quite an incredible exclusion. No wonder the FS7 is more popular. 

If think if they added the features the C300 II is missing (plus what we expect), then this would be an exciting camera. Won't happen though. Probably not. 

What on earth could Canon add to this really? I can't think of much. 

the question ain't "what they can add", but "what they can exclude", and keep the C200 competitive for the price


If you are correct, this camera will be an instant hit!

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1 hour ago, mercer said:

I think bare minimum it should have...

• Touch DPAF

• 4K 4:22 (maybe 10bit) @ 24p and 60p to CFast 2.

• May also do 4K at lower bitrate up to 30p to SD card.

• 120p at 1080p

Of course it will have other bells and whistles but with these few major upgrades, I still think it will be priced at $5-$6K... probably $5999.

If they phase out the C100 I could see this at $6K. If they're keeping the C100 line I think it'll be $8-10k.

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(Unfortunately) this is going to be a 8-10K camera, and then it will be hard to decide between this or the C300mkII.

Finally, for 8-10K budget, people will get the Panasonic Lite Mini Micro+GH5 and a few lenses, and adios Canon!

If it is close to the Pana price though...

I can't wait for the official announcements!

P.S for Mercer's specs, 8000 are just fine for me.

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Meanwhile, over at JVC.....

Finally start to get a tiny bit of traction for the LS300 with the Atomos Ninja Inferno bundle for the new vaunted 4K60p firmware which they schedule to ship a few days before these new camera announcements and so capitalise on a bit of buzz and maybe get themselves into the conversation if these new ones are north of $7-8K

And we're not talking about some vague release date either.

Actually name a specific date when they'll ship it (29th of May).

And then, erm, don't deliver it.

Or even mention that they haven't.

Or when they will.

Well done lads.



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9 minutes ago, Mattias Burling said:


Oh my gosh……everything I ever dreamed in a Camera 10-bit internal raw with Canon colors…..WAW……of course i don´t have the money for it, but some day I will…..incredible news!!!!

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