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Sankor 16D 2x Anamorphic Lens (Rebranded as Fumeo)


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Hi guys, i'm selling my rebranded Sankor 16D on ebay, price on there is €300 but have opened it up for best offers.

I'd prefer to sell within Europe because it makes more sense for both parties.


If you are interested then take a look and let me know if you have any questions.


fumeo laying.jpg

fumeo upright.jpg

funmeo closeup.jpg

long shot.jpg

number closeup.jpg

scratch close.jpg

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    • By JBraddock
      Hi everyone,
      I am sure this will probably be perceived as a weird post as one's simple purchase of an item can hardly be considered worthy enough to deserve its own topic. However, it's been a rather interesting month for me as I got bored of spending hours looking for cameras and lenses and by sharing my experience I wanted to get advice and critique from you. I didn't want to spend any more time as for God's sake, I have a PhD to finish and for me just like any of you time is money :)
      I bought D7100 from B&H and 85mm AIS F2 ($350) in EX+ condition from Keh.com. A friend of mine will be in the USA next month so he will bring them for me. I've been looking at anamorphic lenses and God knows I wanted to buy Kowa 8Z but I don't even have a solid tripod and videography is just a hobby for me and I didn't want to turn it into more expensive one than it already is, considering other items that I will need to add to my gear list.
      So i took the plunge and bought a "like new" Singer 16D, which as far as I know is the same with Sankor 16D, for £200 including shipping from the USA but excluding the tax that I will also have to pay. Not sure if it is a bargain or not but in any case I really hope I won't regret it. Because I doubt that I can spend more anytime soon. Had I owned a solid DSLR rig I might have considered one of those "gold brick" anamorphic lenses; however, I know for sure that I will travel abroad during the summer and I wanted to have something as portable as possible.
      Anyway, there it is my rather unusual or perhaps unwise spending within a month. Any advice for the future or critique is welcome.
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