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FS: Digital Bolex D16 / Cooke Varokinetal 9-50mm / Zeiss S16 Superspeed kit with Aspheron


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Hi all, I am selling my lovely Digital Bolex kit. It took me awhile to put it together and get it ready for the big show, so I would like to send it to a good home. Optimally, I would be able to send both the camera kit and the lens kit together, but I am willing to separate the 2. The Cooke zoom can be separated from the Super Speed prime set, but that prime set cannot be broken apart.

*Camera Kit*
Digital Bolex D16 2TB
Native C-Mount
Native m4/3 mount
PL to M4/3 Adapter
Zeiss CP.2 shims to shim the PL adapter for accurate focus
Customized Rubber Skin
Assorted Side Panels (Different Colours)
Shark Hood Monitor Mirror
Pistol Grip With Record Trigger
USB Cord
XLR - D-tap coiled power cord
XLR - AC power cord
Trigger Cover

*Lens Kit*
3 Arri B - PL adapters
Cooke Varokinetal 9-50mm T2.5 Cine Zoom (Covers 16mm sized sensor but can be adapted to s16 size image circle with Abakus adapter --not included but I can point you in the direction to acquire)
Zeiss S16 Super Speed T1.3 Prime Kit (0.6x Aspheron, 9.5mm, low contrast 12mm with rear optic coating removed to fix excessive cleaning marks, 16mm, 25mm) with vintage metal case.

If you are in Canada, I might be able to send you 2x 130wh Gold Mount broadcast batteries via ground shipping too. They make that 2TB Bolex an all-day monster.

Feel free to PM me for any inquiries such as price and condition of items etc...


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On 2017-04-27 at 2:04 PM, PannySVHS said:

Hey, I don´t want to bother, since I cannot afford this set, but why do you want to sell this beautiful camera? If I had the money I´d buy it :)

A couple related things. I'm looking to go back to school next year without getting crushed by student loans. I don't get to use this magnificent camera for my work that often, so it's more of a luxury that I'm sure someone else could make much better use of. I've never seen better colours come out of a camera, and guys like Olan Collardy are really putting it to work.

So yeah, if I had the extra money lying around to keep it I would too!

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