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Iscorama 54 MC with redstan Clamp and follow focus gear installed for sale


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I've just bought a mint condition iscorama 54 and therefore I'm thinking of selling my old Iscorama 54 MC lens since I likely don't need 2.  The lens I'm considering selling is in excellent condition.  It's a real beauty but somehow I was lucky enough to find a sparkling mint condition 54.  I got lucky.  You know this lens...it's hard as hell to find and it's even harder to find in top form.  

I haven't put up an eBay auction yet.  I'm probably going to list the opening bid at $6000.00 (comes with redstan Clamp and form fitted follow focus gear).   Yes, that's a lot of money.  Yes, that's what I paid for it last year.  Yes, it's totally worth it.  It's a god damn gem of anamorphic perfection.  All the other dual focus projector lenses are little kiddie toys in comparison.  If you have a pre-36 and a 54 you simply don't need anything else (well, you need a baby Hypergonar and hardcore dna variable diopter as well but let's not muddy the waters).  

Who's interested?  If you make me a legit serious offer I might be pursuaded to sell direct instead of on an eBay auction.  Throwing it out to you guys first since this is where the real loonies like myself hang   

Let me know.  I'll try to post pics soon but I'm not bullshitting you   It's a great specimen and if you've been looking for years...you've found it finally 




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