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Innovision Probe Lens Kit mk1 35mm format pl mount

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Selling my insane gorgeous beautiful Probe Lens Kit.  It's PL Mount and for S35mm sized sensors.  It's listed at 4000.00 for the starting bid.  If you win this for anything less than 8,000.00 you've effectively stolen this lens from me and I'm an idiot for selling.  Just have to raise funds for a big big lens package purchase so I have to say goodbye to gorgeous lenses such as this.  Hate myself for selling.  I hope you grab this sucker...won't see another one for a long long time I'm sure.  


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    • By dia3olik
      Hey guys,
      I'm selling a brand new Wooden Camera cage for the BMMCC plus the Wooden Camera PL Mount kit for it.
      Asking price is 300€ for everything ! ! ! !
      I'm in Italy and I can ship to Europe for fair prices and even WW if needed (postal or UPS).
      BTW I also have a SpeedBooster for the Pocket and the Micro, Canon EF lens version for sale in another thread.

    • By Nocturnes
      Works great, bought for  a specific lens for a film on our FS7/A7S and it worked just fine.
      Just no longer using.
      Ready to ship from San diego

    • By jetzyl
      This might be one of the best preserved examples of the sony f35

      PM me with a bid.

      Best regards

    • By Hans Punk
      Industar-29 2.8/80mm Kiev-88 Salyut medium format 7002659 in PL Mount for Arri/Red etc.
      Good condition. No fungus, no fog. Cleaning marks and dust are minimal, but respectable condition considering age. Produces wonderful organic images. Made in 1970.
      200 UKP for buy it now (or make offer).
      If you message me saying you saw this listing on EOSHD, I'll refund shipping cost.
      Soviet copy of Carl Zeiss Tessar from Pentacon six.
      Focal length: 80mm
      Aperture 2.8
      Blades 11
      4 elements in 3 groups, Tessar
      Frame size 6 × 6 cm
      Filter size 58mm
      Weight 340g (lens only)
      PL mount details:
      User removable (no tools needed)
      Kiev 88, Kiev 80, Salyut -- Arriflex PL mount
      camera - ARRI, Red, Arriflex PL
      allows to use Kiev 88 lenses on cameras with PL mount
      This PL adaptor alone retails for US $215.00!

    • By Nocturnes
      Looking for a quick sale, buyer pays to ship.
      The body literally has under 10 on the shutter and only pulled out to test. I, unfortunately, do not need the camera anymore, but it shoots extremely nice stills and is a good contender for video especially once the magic lantern hack comes out.
      Ready to ship or meet in San Diego area.
      $2700 for the camera with (2) Cf cards and an extra OEM Battery (Not pictured but will be in box)

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