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For sale: Paralinx Tomahawk SDI Transmitter, Receiver, Array, power options + case – Good condition


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We are selling our Paralinx Tomahawk SDI kit. Please see list of inclusions below + pictures.

This downlink solution has been undefeated for over 12 months, and performed flawlessly on countless TVCs and feature films. Even when in and around extremely active and harsh RF environments, this has been one of our most reliable pieces of technology – connecting rapidly and maintaining link, up to amazing distances.

Ask any VTR or DIT professional – they will attest to the remarkable performance of the Paralinx Tomahawk!

The kit is in GOOD condition – aesthetically there are the odd blemishes, but internally, this system performs as well as the day we purchased it new.
Please see images for condition.

The Tomahawk SDI TX, RX, Array panel, power cables, case and accessories totals over US$8,300, so we will consider any reasonable offers around US$6,000.
Please get in touch with any questions you may have.

Ewan Donnachie
+61 424 076 511


1 x  Tomahawk SDI transmitter w/stock antennas
1 x  Tomahawk receiver w/stock antennas (dual-SDI outputs)
2 x  D-Tap to 2-pin connector power cable
1 x  Male JST to 2-pin connector power cable
1 x  AC power adapter with 2-pin connector
1 x  BNC cable (right-angle to right-angle)
1 x  mini-USB to USB cable (for firmware updates only)
1 x  Paralinx Array 5-input MIMO panel antenna
5 x  N (right-angle) to RP-SMA cables
1 x  Speed-Rail mounting bracket
1 x  V-Mount battery plate (female) for easy mounting
1 x  Tomahawk hard case w/custom foam
1 x  Remote
1 x  IR cable

Product description, as per Paralinx website:

The Paralinx Tomahawk has a range of up to 2000 feet (600m) with default antennas and still maintains an incredible sub 1ms latency glass-to-glass. Both the transmitter and receiver feature a 2-Pin power connector capable of a wide 7-17V unregulated input voltage. The Tomahawk SDI system features 3G-SDI input (with loop-out) on the transmitter and dual 3G-SDI outputs on the receiver.

The Tomahawk transmits Full HD video (up to 1080p/60 4:2:2) with less than 1 millisecond delay and is capable of handling up to 4 simultaneous receivers. The transmitter weighs approximately 6.6oz/187g (without antennas) and the receiver weighs 12 oz/340g (without antennas).

Tomahawk SDI features:

Lightweight Minimalist design for Handheld, Steadicam, Gimbal, and UAV Payload

Transmitter features 3G-SDI input and loop-out. Receiver features dual 3G-SDI outputs.

Rugged machined-aluminum enclosure for the transmitter and ABS enclosure for receiver

Ultra long-range transmission - Up to 2,000 feet (600 meters) *

REAL-TIME viewing - Less than 1 millisecond latency

Uncompressed full-HD video signal allow critically accurate monitoring

Multicast capable (up to 4 receivers per transmitter)

128 bit AES Encryption - Secure transmission

Operates on 5gHz frequency band

Conforms to major technical and environmental standards including FCC, CE, MIC (TELEC) and RoHS Specifications
* Range may vary depending on environment and interference

Dimensions (Tx): 4" x 2.5" x 0.8" (not including antennas)
Dimensions (Tx): 108mm x 67mm x 21mm
Weight (Tx): 6.6oz / 187g (without antennas)

Dimensions (Rx): 5" x 5.6" x 1.3" (not including antennas)
Dimensions (Rx): 143mm x 128mm x 33mm
Weight (Rx):  12oz / 340g (without antennas)

The Paralinx Array is a custom 5-input MIMO panel antenna designed for use with your Tomahawk Receiver to increase signal robustness (19dbi max boost). The Array works within the 5GHz spectrum (5.1-5.8GHz), and is small and lightweight with the ability to clip onto your Tomahawk receiver using the V-Mount battery plate (female) and a V-Mount male battery plate.

13.78 x 13.78 x 1.25 in (35 x 35 x 3.18 cm)









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