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FS: Metabones Nikon G To Micro Four Thirds Speedbooster

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I have decided to sell my Nikon G to Micro Four Thirds Metabones Speedbooster

It is in excellent condition with unmarked optics and comes with the original box.

The model number is : MB_SPNFG-M43-BM1  You can read the exact specs on the Metabones website here

Asking price: £199 (GBP) plus Paypal fees and carriage.

I am based in the UK. I would be happy to talk to a prospective buyer on the phone and will provide my mobile number by PM if neccessary.

Thanks for looking.







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    • By jsmorris_
      I have a Metabones Speedbooster S EF to MFT adapter for sale. I have it listed on eBay currently but if the listing expires you can contact me directly. I used it pretty extensively with my G7 over the past 6 months for interviews and weddings. It's in excellent condition; like new. 
      Here's the listing link 
      Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/232212442385
    • By yannis.zach
      Having it sitting for a long time, I said to finally give it a try, as until now it was impossible to get any info about it, or even so to find a video made with this rare beast. 
      Quick test of the Moller Anamorphot 30/2x, on an Oly E-M1.
      I have to admit that wasn't that easy to work with it, it's big like an Iscorama, not easy to use just an anamorphic clamp and I always prefer smaller anamorphics to play with, so I don't have the proper rig solution for this Moller. But the image quality that comes out of it, puts it (at least) beside Iscorama.
      Any comment is welcome, this lens is a miracle:

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