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valery akos

WHAT'S THIS??? (undentified 1.75x anamo lens)

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I dont know if I would have dared to use that! Haha, so so cool.

Asked the seller some questions and he got back to me right away:

- minimum focus without diopters is 1m, 
- it is dual-focus, that's why I mention a Rectilux-CoreDNA (or even an SLR Magic rangefinder), 
- I'm not in office now to tell you exact size of rear element but as I remember is something like 40mm more or less

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I remember this lens doing the rounds a couple of years back on ebay by the original seller - I  did a little research back then.

It was a part of a small run of lenses configured by Century at the request of Lars Von Trier when he was shooting on DVCAM. To enable a small part of the film to be shot 'native' 2.35:1 (bulk of the film was cropped 16x9) So expect this lens to work best with smaller sensors and when higher resolution is not critical. Can be considered a Century/Optex grade optic, but with a different stretch ratio. Current seller of lens used to be a member of this forum before he got banned. He's probably still here, under a different name. 

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