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WTB: anamorphic 1.5x or 1.33x

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If you are still looking for a 1.33x I might be willing to part with a Century DS-1609-SB. I have the 52mm-67mm stepper wedged behind the back to attach to 52mm fronts on the taking lens, but it can be easily removed to adapt to whatever you choose. I also have attached a clamp-style filter threads adapter to the front, giving it either 77mm, or by removing the internal ring, 82mm. Pretty easy to use with that setup, and I have used it on a professional project before: 


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This is a cute lens for a crop sensor, although not in the same ballpark as a Bolex or Hypergonar. I have no affiliation with seller, fyi., but I do have this same kind of lens. Sturdy for one of the smallest babies I've ever come across, just in case anyone else is interested.


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... ad then I bought a Kowa Prominar 8z at Ebay. Yes, sure. Paid directly 250 euro, nice price. But the person, a newbie on Ebay (zere reference), paid me back... No contact till yet, I think he does  not understand how it works. I will contact Ebay but I had exactly that once before, no sale and for me this moment no lens. So, I have interest in buying a fine anamorphic lens again.

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      Looking to buy a used FVD-16A (CANON).
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      Hi guys,
      Found this packed away in the loft. Haven't used it in years. Open to offers, UK only please.

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      I'm selling a copy of the smallest Anamorphic lens in the world, the Baby Hypergonar 1.75x. It's been said there were only about 50 of these ever made. Designed by the OG, Henri Chretien, and made in 1957.
      It is in great condition. Comes with a little black carry case. Really lovely copy, no scatches, fungus, haze. Body is in great shape. There are a few small coating blemishes on the front, but they are so hard to see I couldn't even capture them in the pictures, and they don't show up in performance. 
      Can be used by just focusing your taking lens or in combination with a single focus variable diopter. Neutral unique flares and beautiful rendering.
      - PRICE: $1500 USD
      - LENS NAME: Baby Hypergonar
      - CONDITION: Near Mint Optics, Mint Body
      - PAYMENT METHOD: PayPal
      - LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA, USA
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      Kowa Prominar 16-H (Purple coating) - $1400
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      - Payment - PayPal, buyer assumes PayPal fees
      - Shipping from Costa Mesa, CA - worldwide, buyer assumes shipping and insurance costs
      See test images/video below. (Shot with Leica R 50mm @ f2).

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      looking for Sankor 16C or 16F anamorphic if anyone is looking to sell
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