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Various filmmaking bits and bobs for sale!

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Dear all,

I did a thorough search in my gear arsenal the other day and realised how many gadgets I bought over the years which I haven't been using at all, so I decided to offer some of these items for sale here. As I said, most of these tools were tried and tested but haven't seen real combat, so practically they are brand new.

I photographed everything on a pelican case but that's just for decorative purposes only, not part of the sale.

All are available for local pick-up in London (UK) - Archway or can be shipped anywhere. Prices include UK shipping, EU and outside can be arranged for a little extra.

If you drop by to pick it up cash in hand, I will knock off £5 from each, make you a tea or coffee as well. PayPal is preferred in any other case, domestic buyers can do direct bank transfer too.




CAMTREE Hunt 19mm/15mm Rosette Handle Set - £85

Locks to 15mm/19mm rods like a charm. Strong metal construction, comfortable rubber grips.

Adjustable joints with rosettes. Has a 1/4" tripod screw mount in the middle to attach accessories.

Comes with an extra handle in case you loose one (didn't ship with that originally) which can be used on either side obviously.

Perfect condition, used only once.
Sells for £133 in the UK (ebay) without the spare part, or $110 + shipping/duty from the manufacturer, I offer it for £85.






Schneider ES Super Cinelux 2x Anamorphic Lens - £155


Now if you need a cheap but high quality "anamorphic stuffing" for your Rectilux or FM Lens, this is the one to get!

Forget the hacksaw, this one has no collar to chop of like the previous gen. Cinelux. Works with the SLR Magic Rangefinder too with a clamp.

Few specks of dust inside, otherwise in pristine condition, no scratches or smudges on the glass, coatings are intact.

Modern design, delivers excellent sharpness.







Lilliput 5D-ii/O Field Monitor / switchable battery plates / 7 inch screen - £105


Bought it for a Blackmagic Pocket camera, so that means it supports 24/25/30 progressive modes without a hitch.

Plays nicely with other cameras too, has a headphone jack, supports HDMI loop through.

Full specifications are available here on Lilliput's website but please be aware - this monitor on sale is not the advanced "P" version, meaning it doesn't have focus peaking, but it covers the basics very well. It still has the 1:1 pixel mapping mode that can be handy for scaling signals.

Can be powered from 12V power sources (UK mains adapter included) but more importantly I include 3 different types of battery plates that can be popped on the back: Canon LP-E6, Sony F-970, Sony NP-QM91D.

It comes with a foldable sun hood too, plus manual and original box.

Ebay prices start around £150 and £180 for the advanced version, this one was taken out of of the box like two or three times, looks and feels brand new, can be yours for at least £50 cheaper.









LockCircle LockPort Pocket / BMPCC HDMI Port Protector Clamp - £55


Smart little clamp to protect the Pocket's nightmarish micro HDMI port, also includes an adapter to make it full sized HDMI.

More details here. Good for minimalist setups without a big rig.

Never used, comes with all factory accessories. LockCircle sells it for roughly £95 including shipping and taxes, get it here for almost 50% cheaper.





Cullmann Magnesit 519 / Lightweight Tripod - £45


I have only been using this lightly over the years, this tripod was perfect when I had to travel on public transport. Folds down to 62cm and weights only 1300 grams. Can reach 157cm with the centre column extended, steel spikes on the legs to get a good grip in the mud, can be retracted into a rubber case when working on concrete.

Well made German construction using magnesium alloy. Every part is adjustable with hex keys.

It doesn't come with a head but there is a 1/4" to 3/8" screw adapter on the tip of the column (removable) to attach smaller ball/fluid heads. At the bottom of the same column there is a spring loaded hook, can be used for counterweights.

The max. capacity of the tripod is 4kg, good for small cameras while you are on the move. The top sections of the sticks are covered with a soft foam so it doesn't slip out of your hands.











Aune T1 MK2 (Newest Version) 24bit/96kHz Tube Amplifier Mini Hi-fi USB DAC Decoder - £105


This is a black sheep here since you rarely film with an external sound card, but it needs to find a new owner as well.

I was working on a laptop for a few months and I just couldn't stand the noisy internal audio so I had to get something else. That's when I bought this beauty.

The signal to noise ratio is 120db, when I plugged my headphones in at first I thought I forgot to switch the unit on! No self noise or digital interference, you only hear whatever is on the record.

Read a few reviews here if you like.

It has it's own power brick that connects to the mains so there's plenty of juice to drive high impedance headphones. I was using it with a Beyerdynamic DT150 / 250 Ohm.

Now this thing uses valve tubes to achieve a certain sound signature. These tubes are available from many places online if you wish to experiment. I will give you the factory default Electro Harmonix and also I include a brand new Genalex E88CC Gold Lion which is considered an improvement by many over the first one.

As I said I've been using this with a laptop, but after a couple of months I put together a desktop with a decent internal sound card so the Aune is sitting in the box ever since.

Gently used, no scratches and a lot of life left in the tubes. Comes with the original box + accessories. No need for drivers on PC/MAC and I read reports about easy Android compatibility as well, never tried that though.

Goes around £165 on ebay without the extra tube, save yourself at least £50 here.






So this is it, feel free to knock on the door. The prices are firm, no low ball offers please.

Have a lovely evening,


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20 minutes ago, Justin Bacle said:

Hi ! 

How much for the CAMTREE Hunt 19mm/15mm Rosette Handle Set with shipping in Europe (France). 

Very interested !


Here we go, you could choose one of the following! :)


The shipping weight is 1200g, that's how I got these prices. Remember, you can deduct £5 from any of these, because that was the domestic shipping which I already included, so let's say you pick International Signed, that would be only £8.5 this way, making your total into £93.50.

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11 minutes ago, Justin Bacle said:

Okay, lets go with Royal Mail Int. Std which makes 85+9.55-5 = 89.55 UKP -> 103 € Is Paypal okay for you ?

Yeah buddy, PayPal is the best! :)

I will send you a PM!

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