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Panasonic LX100 PAL

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Selling my lightly used LX100. Purchased it from digital rev so it is a PAL region camera. Non-region switchable so in 4k photo mode you can only use 25fps. 30fps/60fps not available. Has 24/25/4K and 50fps 1080. Also includes front cap, protection filter, case, strap, 2 Panasonic batteries, charger, detachable flash, usb cable, software/manual and box.

Everything functions like normal. There is a hairline scratch on the LCD screen about 1" long. you can only see it in bright light though. Doesn't affect what you're seeing much at all. After that occurred I put a glass screen protector on it. Also, put a Panasonic MC protector filter on it from day 1. But somehow there is a dust spec under the front element. Doesn't effect image quality.

Asking $475 shipped in the USA. But being this is a PAL camera I'll pay half the shipping to Europe/international as well.


lx100 1.jpg

lx100 2.jpg

lx100 3.jpg

lx100 4.jpg

lx100 5.jpg

lx100 6.jpg

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