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[WTB] SLR Magic Rangefinder (w/o marks)

Justin Bacle

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Okay let's do it.

At first, I wanted the SLR Magic (72mm w/o marks because I am not that rich).
Then I wanted the Rectilux Core DNA.
Then, Rectilux support convinced me to go with the 3FF-W as it is built like a tank, fair enough :)
Then I realized that I'm still not that rich (Mainly because I live in a country where government takes 26% of my revenue (and will increase to 28% next year, but that's another story))

That is why, I'd like to buy a SLR MAGIC Rangefinder (72mm w/o marks). I've seen them go on ebay for 275€. I would expect a price close to that. But I'm still open to other offers.
If you have something more expensive (Rectilux, FM Module, Rangefinder w/ marks), I can add gear to the exchange.

Thanks :)

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Still interested in buying a Rangefinder
I would do €250 + shipping for a 72mm version (w/o marks)
and €400 + shipping for a 77mm version (w/ marks - meters prefered but I won't mind the imperial one)

I almost bought one of the remaining 72mm versions on B&H, but shipping + VAT to europe is just not worth it :
$300 for the adapter + $40 shipping + $128 Tax -> $470 for a version w/o marks ... which is the used price for a version w/ marks :s)

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