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Tito Ferradans

For Sale: Anamorphic Adapters (Elmoscope II, Panasonic LA7200)

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I opened my lens cabinet and realized there's too much in there. Some must go! Lenses will be shipped from Vancouver, BC - Canada.

I only accept PayPal. PayPal's taxes and shipping are my responsibility. 
If interested, reply here, send me a PM, or an email!
[email protected]


Photos of this lens - https://www.flickr.com/photos/ferradans/albums/72157671771429074

The Elmoscope II is a top notch projection lens. It has 2x stretch and focuses down to 1.5m. The strong stretch factor delivers the famous anamorphic bokeh, and the simple coatings produce yellow-orange warm flares. It works perfectly for shooting 4:3, as the GH4 Anamorphic Mode, or MagicLantern RAW on Canon cameras. Or by cropping the sides of 16:9 footage.

It really shines when attached to a single focus solution (Rectilux or Rangefinder), so you can keep your taking lens and anamorphic set to infinity and do all the focusing on Rectilux or Rangefinder. If not, you'll have to deal with double focus, meaning focusing the anamorphic and the taking lens at the same distance in order to produce a sharp image.

The last photo shows a side by side comparison of both the Elmo II and the Kowa B&H, one of the most desired anamorphic adapters. Many people claim these two are identical, but the Elmo II tends to go for a much lower price while the Kowa fetches around $900 to $1000.

This Elmoscope II is in great shape, with a smooth focus ring and glass in perfect condition. It comes with the original front cap as well as a custom made clamp for support (it has a 1/4" screw for attaching to your camera rig) that lets you set alignment for good instead of realigning every time you switch taking lenses.

PRICE: USD 560 (shipped)


Photos of the lens - https://www.flickr.com/photos/ferradans/albums/72157671779697223The

The Panasonic LA7200 is a great anamorphic adapter for starters and for those looking for extreme sci-fi flares and not much work in post.

Stretch is 1.33x, which means any camera shooting 16:9 (1080p or 2160p) will output perfect Cinemascope footage for post, without the need for cropping anything out.

The strong aspects of this lens are how wide you can go (around 28mm on full frame with no vignetting), the futuristic blue streak flares, and the quick and easy setup. It features 72mm threads at the back, so it can easily connect to any lens without the need for additional gear.

Being a fixed focus adapter - it doesn't have a focus ring - you adjust focus using your taking lens, as you would normally without the adapter. Performance isn't great at fast apertures, but sharpens up nicely around f/4.

Glass is in pristine condition, no scratches, dust or fungus. Comes with both front and rear caps as well as the original pouch. This one comes with a custom-made filter holder and 95mm threads for attaching diopters and step rings for other filters.

You can read a detailed review of this lens at my blog!

PRICE: USD 775 (shipped)


Photos of the lens - https://www.flickr.com/photos/ferradans/albums/72157675188015976

Same as above, minus the filter holder. This one comes with the original box.

Glass in perfect shape, body with no scuffs, both front and rear caps, original pouch.

The original locking screw was lost and replaced with a different one (can be seen in photos). Works just as well.

PRICE: USD 745 (shipped)

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