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I found a solution to rechipping my old Sigma Canon mount lenses, so they work with my newer Canon 60D, 80D body. Works with all Sigma lens models.
I just did two Sigma 70-210 and a Sigma 400mm lens.

Easy to install and great instructions. Many people said not possible? haha
Works like a charm!


You can purchase here and all the info you need is there also. Very Cheap. 

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    • By Lance Thorn
      Hello everyone,
      I'm selling my video gear! Unfortunately, I thought I would be shooting more video and it looks like that's not the case–more photo gigs than video. Well, I've been shooting with my D800 and made the jump to Blackmagic. All the equipment is in excellent condition. I've owned them for six months, except the Zoom, Zacuto and edelkrone which I've had for years. The edel, Zacuto and Zoom are old so maybe disregard it for sale unless you really want a well-used piece of gear.
      Items for sale:
      BMMCC  $950 USD with Cage & Battery
      Metabones Nikon Speedbooster ($390). It's a little tight on the Micro
      Sigma 18-35 1.8 F Mount ($725)
      Wooden Camera Cage
      Small HD 501 with hot shoe adapter, screen guard with two LP-E6 Batteries ($850 USD)
      Rode NTG-2 Shotgun (Comes with XLR Cable) ($250)
      edelkrone Pocket Rig (V1) ($150)
      Zoom H4n ($90)
      Watson Compact Charger
      Zacuto Z Finder 3x used with my Nikon D800 ($200)
      I've only shipped in the US but I could look into international. Paypal preferred.
      I'd like for them to find a good home where they are used A LOT.


    • By Rungunshoot
      I know everyone's flipping out about RAW right now, but I thought I would submit my latest real-world work: MTV True Life, I'm Starting a Business with Friends.  I shot this whole episode on Sony Rx100's.   I wrote a detailed blog post about my shooting and editing techniques. Will post a link to video as soon as MTV releases it.  Until then, enjoy the blog!
    • By shijan
      Hello everyone. Currently i developing a little DIY project and have an idea to implement Sony E-Mount to be able attach various adaptors for lens testing. E-Mount has short flange distance, its diameter big enough to fit any lens and there are tons of inexpensive lens adaptors on ebay.
      But as so as it don't use clamping nut as pl-mount, IMS or b4-mount, i'm not sure how durable, rugged and precise this mount appears to be. I would like to to hear your personal opinion regarding usage of this mount in real life... Thanks!
    • By Frankencam
      Please take a look! It only started today!
      With thanks,
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