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Selling Samsung NX1 as Technology Marches On...


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I've owned my Samsung NX1 less than a year and it is a great hybrid video/photo camera. But technology moves forward quickly (especially in the video world) and Samsung discontinued this camera and lens production just months after I purchased it. So, time to move on. There is  a lot happening in the Samsung owners hack and adapter development areas, but I'm pretty sure I will want to get the Canon MkIV when it comes out since I already have a MkIII and several canon lenses.

So I am trying to figure out (and forgive me if this is the wrong place to ask) if I should sell the camera, lenses and accessories all together or separately? I could sell the camera and kit 18-55mm 3.5-5.6 lens (with added variable 43mm ND filter), two batteries, external charger, 128GB memory card and two lens adapters (EF and Nikon FX). And then sell the other two NX lenses I have (16mm f2.2 and the movie maker 18-200mm which has a 67mm Variable ND filters added) separately. I never had the chance to get a S line NX lens (one of things I'm mad at Sumsung about) although I had been saving up for them... 

Anyway, I don't sell gear often, so I was hoping I might get some advice before listing. Thanks!

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    • By Daniel1977
      I am selling a used Samsung NX1 camera.
      The camera is in very good condition.
      The equipment is fully functional, without any damage, except the paint loss on the bottom of the screen.
      The set includes the original battery and lenses:
      20mm f / 2.8
      30mm f / 2.0
      60mm f / 2.8
      50-200mm I f / 4-5.6
      Lenses are working.
      Lenses have visible traces of use.
      I am interested in selling the presented set.
    • By Petjo
      I want to buy a NX-L speedboser to my Samsung NX1
      Regards Peter
      Samsung  NX1 and 18-55mm OIS III EU like new
      900 Euro
      Only to EU buyers

    • By _tzo_
      I'm sure I'm going to regret it, but I'm putting my Samsung NX1 system up for sale.
      All items are like new, with original packaging. Private use only.
      2x bodies NX1
      2x battery grips
      2x Varavon Armor II cages
      3x Samsung SEF580A flashes
      NX10mm f/3.5 fisheye
      NX16-50/2-2.8 S
      NX30mm f/2
      NX45 f/1.8
      NX60mm f/2.8 macro
      NX85mm f/1.4
      Samyang 100mm T3.1 macro NX mount VDSLR Photo/Video Lens
      Send pm for prices.
      Located in Europe.
    • By lebigmac
      I am selling my barely used Nx1 equipment
      - NX camera - purchased on 09th of april 2016 ( 4 months warranty left)
      - 16-50 2.0-2.8 S lens
      - 30 mm 2.0 lens
      - 45 mm 1.8. lens
      - 50 - 200 mm F4 - 5.6 ED OIS III lens
      - 16-50 3.5-5,6 OIS kit lens
      - 2 batteries
      - K&F Concept NX to Minola md adapter
      - K&F Concept NX to Canon eos adapter
      Except for the 45mm, all original boxes are there.

      Located in Hamburg, Germany 


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