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The infamous Imperial SLR magic rangefinder Ebrahim Saadawi deluxe edition


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This is the one and only, infamous, EOSHD show piece called the Imperial SLR magic rangefinder (Ebrahim Saadawi deluxe edition). Get it now for EU 500,- and score huge amounts of EOSHD karma points. New price is EU 690,- (see SLR magic website).

Model: SLR Magic Rangefinder CINE Adapter / Saadawi deluxe
Focus type: Manual
Min focusing distance: 1.1M
Dimensions Length: 24.3mm, Width: 97mm
Weight: 340g
Fitment: MF & AF Lenses
Rear filter thread: 77mm, step down rings can be used to adapt to smaller taking lenses (Not included)
Front filter size: 82mm

I'm located in Amsterdam and willing to ship worldwide. PayPal en Iban only (insert western union joke here...)

Imperial SLR magic rangefinder 1.jpg

Imperial SLR magic rangefinder 2.jpg

Imperial SLR magic rangefinder 3.jpg

Imperial SLR magic rangefinder 4.jpg

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5 hours ago, gh2sound said:

Not wanting to be tin foil hat conspiracy nutter - but anyone checked that the bloke didn't acquire it nefariously in the first place!? And you lot are essentially rinsing it ?! Not to be inflammatory or drag it on, but I do know people like him ... 

I thought about this. Ebrahim bragged about being involved in de development of the rangefinder and having samples sent to them. I know for a fact SLR magic has these testing programs. Essentially you sign up for a small discount and get the product sent early to you. I see it as more of an SLR sales technique than actually being envolved in the development. So my guess is that Ebrahim applied for that and then poured a bit of catfish sauce over the story.

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There is a technical problem with the SLR magic Rangefinder. A rear thread fitting problem. It only goes in a quarter of a turn. At first I though it was the redstan clamp I have, but now after contacting SLR magic it appears to be the Rangefinder itself. See SLR's response on email below. And to understand the problem, see the first part of this video (password: redstan):

slr thread.jpg


What sucks the most is that we have a buyer at the moment. I'm going to inform him about this.  

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