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Matt Kieley

FS - BMPCC + extras, SmallHD DP4, C-mount lenses

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Looking to sell my bmpcc kit. It's a great camera, but I'm compelled to go back to Panasonic and get a GH4.

I have the bmpcc, with original turret cap, 1x Smallrig Half cage, 1x Sandisk Extreme Pro U3 95mbps card, 1x generic internal battery, 2x Battery adapters for Canon BP batteries, 1x adapter cable, 2x Canon 3000mah BP-915 batteries, 2x Kastar 4300mah BP-915 batteries, 1x Dual BP-915 battery quick charger, 1x single BP-915 charger, 1x 12v generic charger cable - $850

SmallHD DP4 with box, manual, Nikon and AA battery plates, protective screen, sun hood, ball head mount, 7" magic arm, 1x mini HDMI-HDMI cable, 1x micro HDMI-HDMI cable - $200

Kern-Paillard Switar AR 16mm f/1.8 c-mount lens w/ caps - $150

Canon V6X17 17-102mm f/2.0 c-mount zoom lens w/o caps - $50

(modified) Cosmicar 12.5mm f/1.8 c-mount lens w/ generic caps and c-mount adapter (one that works with the modification) - $50

(modified) Cosmicar 6.5mm f/1.8 c mount lens w/o caps - $50

1x set of Kiev 16u lenses w/o caps: Mir-11 12mm f/2, Vega 7-1 20mm f/2, Tair 41M 50mm f/2, and RAF 16u-MFT adapter - $100 for the set

Camera, accessories, monitor and lenses are all clean and function properly.

I'll gladly trade for a GH4 and Panasonic 14-42 or 14mm pancake, or the Rokinon 14mm (newer version). I'll post pics tomorrow if there's any interest. If you want to move over to the bmpcc, there's plenty to get started with. I'll include a Canon camera bag if you buy the camera kit, monitor and a set of lenses. US buyers only.

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Really, you're selling her... I was really enjoying your work with it. But since you asked, the 16mm Kern... Can to tell me how long the lens is, not including the c mount threads? I have the 26mm and the 15mm, but the 15mm is so tiny. 

Also, the Kiev lenses aren't clickless like the Krasnogorsk version, are they?

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The Kern is a little over 1.5" without the thread. All of the c-mounts are pretty tiny, but I cut up a rubber follow focus gear belt that makes usable with a follow focus, or at the very least, a little wider for hand-pulling. I also have a gear belt for the Cosmicar 12.5.  And no, the Kievs are not clickless.

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The image quality is fantastic, it really is an awesome camera, but rigging it up made it kind of clunky to me. It wasn't a headache to use, but I'd rather go back to simpler DSLR ergonomics. Also, I've shot with Canon full frame, Panasonic MFT, bmpcc S16, and of the three types I've shot with, I still prefer the look of the 2x MFT. I was looking back at some old footage I shot with the GH1 and I really loved the way my Canon FD lenses + Panasonic 14mm looked. I also really want to shoot more slow motion, and I love the GH4 96fps (and 60p isn't that interesting to me, so that rules out the micro). The last thing that tipped my decision was Andrew's article about why he's getting a GH5, and how he talked about still loving and using the GH4. It reminded me of why I loved Panasonic and the GH line in the first place. It was fun playing in Blackmagic land, but I still love Panasonic.

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On 7/20/2016 at 8:01 AM, freeman said:

interested in the c mounts and am willing to buy a set/chunk of them together


On 8/10/2016 at 2:29 PM, Johnny said:

Are you selling these on ebay? 

I didn't realize this thread had anymore posts. The Cosmicar 12.5 is still on ebay. Everything else is sold.

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      Hey guys,
      I have a SpeedBooster for the Pocket and the Micro for sale, Canon EF lens version.
      Asking price is 450€
      I'm in Italy and I can ship to Europe for fair prices and even WW if needed (postal or UPS).
      BTW I also have a brand new Wooden Camera cage for the BMMCC plus the Wooden Camera PL Mount Pro kit for it in another thread

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      Hey all, I'm looking to shoot a narrative short film with controlled lighting early next year and am thinking about shooting it on my original BMPCC...
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      Great condition lens + micro four thirds adapter. Used it on my blackmagic micro cinema camera. Lens is made for 16mm sensor. 
      $315.00 USD. 
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      Nippon Kogaku Japan Cine-NIKKOR 25mm F/1.8 wide angle lens. Close focus up to 2 feet / .6 meter.
      Nippon Kogaku Japan Cine-NIKKOR 10mm F/1.8 wide angle lens. Close focus up to 1 foot / .3 meter.

      Bought on eBay, used with C-Mount to Micro Four Thirds lens mount on Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera. 
      Optically in excellent condition. Inside no specks of dust, haze, oil scratches that I can detect. Clicks work as expected. Focus is smooth.
      Cosmetically clean on outside. Very good for its age. 

      Close focus up to 2 feet / .6 meter. Very light weight, and tiny size. Smallest lens I've ever owned. Paired with BMMCC or BMPCC this makes a fantastic combination. BMMCC / BMPCC is super 16 sensor so I didn't need a speedbooster, and no vignette. I would expect to see vignetting on any sensor size larger than super 16.

      Comes with a 40mm Switar C-mount lens, Metabones MFT to C-mount adapter.
      SELLING as a complete set. Asking $570 OBO.

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