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Tito Ferradans

FOR SALE: Kowa B&H and Isco Video Attachment

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The selling continues, as I move to seriously downsize my lens collection.

I only accept PayPal. Taxes and shipping are my responsibility.
If interested, reply here, send me a PM, or an email!
[email protected]

ISCO 16:9 VIDEO ATTACHMENT Mk I - or "1.33x Iscorama 54" (1.33x, single focus)
Click for photos of the lens.

This is an extremely hard to find adapter, in plain words, it’s an Iscorama 54 with 1.33x stretch, which turns a 16:9 sensor into an automatic Cinemascope machine. Single focus operation, set your taking lens to infinity and shoot away using the Isco’s focus ring. Focus is smooth and glass is perfectly clear: no blemishes, scratches, fungus, dust or anything. Goes as wide as 40mm on full frame. Comes with both original front and rear caps and a Redstan clamp (72-77mm), which makes rear thread 72mm or 77mm according to your preference. Front thread is 95mm.

For more information, check my review!

Price - USD2200 shipped


KOWA ANAMORPHIC FOR BELL & HOWELL - aka Kowa B&H (2x, double focus)
Click for photos of the lens.

Sadly, I'm letting this wonderful piece of glass go. Lens in great shape, no scratches, no fungus, nothing. Crystal clear glass. Almost no dust inside, which is common for a lens this old. This is my second Kowa B&H, and I don't need it (or use it!) much. This kit includes the original front and read caps. It's one of the most desired projection lenses for its razor sharp results (even at low lighting) while introducing vintage character at the same time. 2x stretch for extreme anamorphic look, beautiful warm flares and minimum focus of just under 5 feet. Works amazingly well with Rectilux (watch tests), Rangefinder (watch tests) and FM (I haven't tested yet). Single focus solution NOT INCLUDED.

Price - USD830 shipped

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