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Iscorama pre 36 with original taking lens 50mm 2.8

greg weisert

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Hey fellas,


i'm selling my iscorama pre 36 set. there is enough said about the lens, so i think those who want it, know about it. 

The Lens is in very good condition.

It is the rare Non-MC version (also called pre-36).

It has some marks on the outside ring, when i had it for servicing a year ago. The glass itself is clean with no scratch or anything else!

there are some dust particles inside of the lens, which is normal for a almost 50 year old lens.

It creates beautiful imagery, even at a fully open aperture.



The Set includes:

Iscorama Gottingen (made in 1970's)

Interchangable Isco-Nikon Taking Lens f/2.8

Original Isco Lenscap

0.5 Tokina Diopter (for Close Up-shots)

Redstan Clamp to Mount the Anamorphic lens on other taking lenses except the original one 

that comes with it.


the price is 2800,- Euro including shipping with insurance.

payment through paypal!


if you have any questions just shoot me a PM here in the forum :)





$_57 (1).JPG

$_57 (2).JPG


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