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[WTB] Cheap External Recorder

Justin Bacle

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Hi everyone, 

My expenses are already way above what I had, but I do want to buy an external recorder. I know AVCHD (1080p 8 bit 4:2:0) isn't that bad, but it just falls appart when trying to grade.

Here are the features I need :
- 1080p 4:2:2 10bit recording
- 3:2 Pulldown support (1080i60 -> 1080p24)

Here are the features i'd like too : 
- SDI inputs with record trigger support

The cheapest recorder that I find is the Atomos Samurai Blade. Which is not that expensive compared to other recorder but still too expensive.
I should be able to work with a Ninja 2 (or Ninja Star) but SDI inputs would be great.
The Blackmagic Video Assist doesn't support 3:2 Pulldown as of now (confirmed by the support team, but they say they're working on it ...) No way i'm buying that until they confirmed 3:2 pulldown support.

Do you have a cheap alternative new or used ?

I was thinking about getting a used nanoflash or 220i but they are still more expensive than their newer counterparts.
I'll try and rent an atomos ninja 2 asap, but there's only one renting place where I live and they don't have any :s

Thanks for reading, I'll wait for your remarks.

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5 hours ago, ricardo_sousa11 said:

Not trying to steal your thread, but im looking for an external monitor, any cheap recomendations ?

For a monitor (only) of good quality and on the cheap side, I would go with the Aputure VS-1 Fine HD.

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