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Yet another another guess the camera

Andrew Reid

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Camera 2 is the Fuji X Pro 2.

Camera 1 Camera 2 Camera 3 The results o

Well, the first one is apparently the Nikon that is in the other two. :D

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10 minutes ago, Volker Schmidt said:

Hey Andrew,
in terms of videoquality it´s hard to judge, because these are stills. 
But: first one seems to have the best dynamic range: Sony FS5
2. Best overall look, in case of colors: 1DC
3. terrible videolook: NX1 (just a feeling:), but probably the GH4.


Tricky. 1 and 3 both go towards a teal look on the bottles, but 3 is completely red and 1 is completely orange. The exposure seems different on all of them.

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I have no idea,

All I can say is that the thrid image looks bad to me, specially because of the sharpening,bad highlights, and I don't enjoy the colors :). The first one looks smooth, the kind of good 1080p smooth? The second would have been the best if it hadn't sharpening on.

But imho, the test scene is... ;)

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Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

1- No ugly digital sharpening as 2 & 3 yet similar in actual detail

2- Ugly digital sharpening but marginally highest actual resolution too

3- even uglier digital sharpening and slightly less actual resolution than 1 & 2

1 & 2 have close colour rendition while 3 is very different, 

2 has the lowest dynamic range, at least a full 1 stop behind 1 & 3,

1 & 3 have very high DR, but 1 is slightly higher.

3- has serious macroblocking in the shadows. 

1 is the best by a large margin if that's at their ideal settings & SOOC, it's -highest DR -No ugly sharpening -Natural colours -No blocking/artefacts

while 2 & 3 are destroyed with digital sharpening, and 2 has lowest DR and 3 has weird colours & blocking. 

But you said surprising so eager to know.



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First one might be a Canon because no sharpening and softish. Let's say 5d. Could also be a Nikon, haven't used a Nikon in a long time but I do remember that they also had a nice filmic soft image. FS5 would be more detailed especially if it was shot 4k and downscaled.

Second one might be a ... No idea. A6300?

Third one...wow what is up with those sharpening settings? NX1, haven't used that one either.

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10 minutes ago, Andrew Reid said:

Liam is closest

1 is the Nikon D750 (flat profile, lightly graded)

3 is indeed the NX1 but in 1080/120fps not 4K

2 is...?

Clue... Not 1D C or FS5.

The Nikon looks strangely soft. Like out of focus or something. 

I was going to Guess Nikon for the 1st Pic, SOLELY because it is the Missing Camera in the Pic, next to the Magazine and in front of the Bulb. In the 2nd and 3rd pics, it IS there, so it wasn't used in the 2nd and 3rd pics. 

Interesting grading. Almost all cameras can look very similar, with the right grading. 

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