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SloMo City. Using the new RX100M4. Music written and built.
"Love it or hate it, the world is an industrial machine."


Any other slow motion & music videos?

Sorry to be critical, but there's lots of noise, moire and flickering in the video, and it lacks any dynamic range whatsoever, even for night shots. And I don't see the message conveyed in your clip at all.

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I suppose further explanation would help. This is raw footage of Times Square. It's a barrage of flashing lights and plenty of moiré. That's kind of the point. To show the unnatural and mechanical form of a city as a machine. Advertisements blasting, headlines scrolling, money inspired behavior, laws being enforced. It's a living, thriving, manifested culture based on commerce. The only natural thing in this environment are pigeons.

This is unplanned street footage. I happened to be walking through while I was traveling for business, so this is just sample footage I shot during a quick thirty minute stroll. I was hoping to see what other un-produced material people have captured with the RX100M4, accompanied with original musical pieces.

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