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Persons // Malou

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This one's a bit older (end of 2011), but I haven't gotten around to posting it here and I really, really like this video. Shot with the GH2 with a Voigtlander attached (without ND-Fader still). It's part of my 'Persons' series, where I improvise a video-performance with someone to try and capture some of their personality on film.

The person in question is my friend Malou, who is a (theatre)actress, with musical support of the Velvet Underground.

[url=http://vimeo.com/33112178]Persons // Malou[/url]

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So just point by point:

-GH2 with a basic hack (44Mbs)

-Voigtlander 0.95 (can't remember f-stops throughout the shoot, but no ND-filter)

-I used a steadicam Merlin for support.
I often attach my GH2 (in its Rewo-cage) to the steadicam, just for shooting hand-held, not necessarily
using it as a steadicam. The arm gives a nice counter-weight, and can even function as a sort of monopod
in certain circumstances. (btw. GH2 + Voigtlander + Rewo-cage + videomic pro is just about the max
my steadicam can counterbalance)

-in post I basically CC'ed in FCPX for a bare minimum. I pushed the shadows towards blue & blue/purpleish, while highlights got a slight shift towards yellow. Mids were pushed just a bit towards the greens. That's about it.

-most of the flares and such were the result of filming with the setting sun hitting [i]just[/i] the corners of the lens.

That's about it. There's some optical flow used in the staircase scenes, oh and of course a simple matte to frame it in 2.39:1.

That's about all I can tell.
Hope it's helpful!

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