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  1. Hello All, I am new to this forum. I have been following for awhile but waited to make my first post until I finally owned an anamorphic lens. I'm making a short film. Was planning on going in one direction until I discovered is site. All,I have to say I wish I never found this place because I am hooked on shooting anamorphic. :) I know most of you use the GH2,3 cameras so I'm also hoping to encounter folks who use the Canon 5dm3. I own the Canon 5dm3, I have the Kowa 8-Z, and until I find the right primes a friend is lending me their Leica 90mm. Since I am a novice to this process but determined to learn if you all don't mind sharing your technical experiences using the Kowa 8-Z. Any tips on focusing the prime and the anamorphic together. Why the redstan clamp over the vid-Atlantic clamp? I noticed when looking at camera's monitor the squeeze wasn't that significant, should it be or did I error in mounting? Prior to shooting anamorphic, my standard footage was transcoded into ProRess using Apple compressor but when I went to transcode the anamorphic footage it did not do anything- why? I am using Final Cut 6 is this the reason? To have less stress in post is it time to upgrade editing software? In that case I'm considering switching to Premiere Pro. When it comes to filters do a lot of of you use filter rings or 4x4 filters with matte box? Why one over the other? My project will be shot outdoors during winter with snow. Will the Kowa fog up? Any additional tech tips you don't mind sharing that I have not thought of yet is greatly appreciated. I am both nervous and excited to shoot anamorphic! Lastly, I have read Andrew's book many times which has gotten to this point thus far.
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