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My cameras and kit

  1. I took my nx1 and a slider around a few places just outside Toronto. All filmed and edited in uhd 4k, shot flat with Gamma DR with tweaked settings and added Lut's and color grading added in post.
  2. Some temple scenes shot in 4K on a Samsung NX1. Handheld using the Samsung 16-50/2-28. Gamma DR, Contrast -5, Master Black Level +10. Film Convert (Red / Epic X / Redgamma 3 - Fuji Astia 100). FCPX. Music is "Shanghai Dream" by Christopher Ashmore. Some of it turned out OK, but some spots I think I missed focus and other parts came out over exposed. 4K version .... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTV2EnP0YM0
  3. Samsung NX1 NX 16-50mm S Premier Pro 2015 Color EOSHD GammaDRLogJames Miller Deluts FilmConvert
  4. jpommier

    Pregnant Paws

    This is a recent short that I did. My wife and I were originally making it to use as a sort of announcement that we were having a baby (only our immediate family knew about it) but I also wanted it to stand alone as a fun little short. After shooting the bulk of the footage my wife went into labor the next day so we had to do all of the quick zoom/close-up shots weeks after. Better late than never! Since I was unfortunately in the video, I had to rely on my wife for shooting most of it and when we couldn't operate the camera ourselves, we called over my Dad and a friend in the middle of the night to help us shoot. All three of them had absolutely zero experience shooting anything and as a testament to the NX1, they all learned the basics of the camera reasonably quickly.
  5. I just got the NX1 a week ago and made this video yesterday to test out some features and limitations.
  6.   Download the 4K original here NX1 is in stock at B&H ($1499) The light in Berlin is dreary during winter, so I took the NX1 off for a break in the Portuguese city of Lisbon last week. This place has the best weather in Europe and the best light. A magical place. It gave me a perfect chance to get under the skin of the NX1 - and see just what it can do in the real world. Read the full article here
  7. I captured a screenshot of side by side NX1 files. The one on the left is the H265 file being played by VLC. The right, the H264 conversion played with Quicktime. In the conversion, some of the color and detail are lost. You can see it in the VLC VLC version as well.
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