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My cameras and kit

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  1. Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera in Excellent Condition. I only used this in a few test footage scenarios but it wasn’t right for my needs. Included with this will be Davinci Resolve 15 with SD Card and code it came with. The Smallrig BMMCC Cage and Top Handle to keep the camera protected. Another item is the S-Bus cable included. Selling for $950. I have an Aputure v5 monitor and NPF-Battery bridge + Batteries I can include for a higher offer for the complete kit.
  2. Like many people, I am looking at getting a new computer that will work well Davinci Resolve and will reasonably future-proof as the era of 4K begins to descend upon us. As a long time Mac user, the idea of the Hackintosh is growing on me. But I'm a camera guy, not a computer guy. It has been about a decade since I've tried to customize my computer hardware and a lot has changed. A lot of this is looking pretty foreign to me. There's a pretty comprehensive guide at NoFilmSchool that was just updated last month ([url="http://nofilmschool.com/build-a-hackintosh/"]http://nofilmschool....d-a-hackintosh/[/url]), and to a computer simpleton like myself it looks great from performance and cost standpoints. But I have yet to find anyone's firsthand report on just how well this particular setup handles Resolve. Is anyone who is using this particular setup also using Resolve? For a spec comparison, here's a "recommended requirements" link from Davinci that was initially posted in response to Andrew's recent post about the BMCC: [url="http://www.blackmagicdesign.com/media/4805318/Resolve_Win_Config_Guide_2012-08-30.pdf"]http://www.blackmagi..._2012-08-30.pdf[/url]
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