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  1. Noktor's website shows that its 12mm F1.6 lens is out of stock but does not have any specific dates for availability. Searching the web yields barely any results on Amazon, B&H etc. Does anyone know details of whats going on with this elusive lens? I am interested in the best wide lens for a micro four thirds camera. I already have a Panasonic 7-14 mm but want something much faster that I can use as a dedicated landscape/architecture lens. Something equivalent in quality and build to my old OM Zuiko 24mm, f2.0 (with an 85 degree angle of view), which apparently had built-in compensation for converging verticals. I have seen the new Olympus 12mm, f2.0 but am not drawn to it due to mixed reviews and its somewhat 'tinny' look and feel. So far I have three lenses on my short list that are equivalent to the old 24 mm or less, I am not interested in anything smaller or bigger, just this 12mm (or 24 mm in the old system). Any other ones that could be added to the ones below? Noktor 12mm f1.6 (angle of view?) Olympus 12m f2.0 (85 degree angle of view) Koya 12 mm f1.6 (not yet released) Also, is there an equivalent fit with an adapted lens? I have seen various experiments with surveillance camera lenses and the like.
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