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My cameras and kit

  1. https://vimeo.com/55803392     Produced by http://www.Deadcatdigital.com Location: "Szimpla kert" ruin pub Budapest - http://www.szimpla.hu 11.12.2012 ISO: 2000-6000 1080i 4:2:2 MXF No color correction in post Canon EF Cinema lenses we used: 24mm T1.5 50mm T1.3 85mm T1.3 Music: Infected Mushroom-Muse Breaks RMX   [attachment=327:Canon_c500_deadcatdigital_cinema_lenses.png]
  2. [b]Stained Glass, Bare Wood[/b] https://vimeo.com/54234207 Picked up the GH3 this weekend. I owned the GH2 since day one and was very impressed with it. So far the GH3 has been even better, some of the best quality DSLR footage I've seen. I'm looking forward to finding more about what this little camera can do. ~ Mike
  3. Just bought a Sony RX100 (two, actually) and have been trying them out in challenging environments. Here's a quick vid that takes a poetic look at the Hollywood party scene. [media]http://vimeo.com/49147544[/media]
  4. ***I sent you an email via the contacts page and after I sent it I saw it said write to the forums for a faster response. Sorry about that*** I received some KineRaw S35 footage and I did some grading test. Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. I only had to download the CineForm Decoder for it to play nice with Premiere. Only used the LUT provided by Kinfinity, Magic Bullet Misfire Post contrast, and Magic Bullet Looks in the grading process. I provided download links to the video so you can see the highest quality. Also links to some tiff screen grabs. Hopefully Andrew will be able to check it out and give it his thoughts. Please note that I'm not a colorist at all. Everything located here: [url="http://flopitworks.com/2012/07/15/kineraw-s35-test-still-in-production/"]http://flopitworks.c...-in-production/[/url]
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