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My cameras and kit

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  1. This is advance pre-press release information   A completely re-built and re-engineered precision optic. The photo below shows a prototype.   Preliminary Specification**: super sharp anamorphot utilising optics that won Schneider Kreuznach Academy Awards for technical achievement 4 K aquisition friendly focal range from 0.75 metre to infinity, without dioptres large 50mm rear optic port 2X aesthetic, stunning blue flares and 2X oval bokeh support for Flex-eDrive* focussing accessory supports lenses from 40mm (APS-C) for 2.35:1 format supports lenses from 30mm (APS-C) for 2.35:1 format via Canon RAW 4:3 crop modes  lens support for 15mm rod/rail systems included, for quick lens change and assured vertical alignment suitable for manual, auto focus and rotating-front-element lenses push on lens shade included, easily removeable 77mm filter thread included   * Flex-eDrive is a planned product which functions as a flexible drive shaft to permit manual or motorised focus via stepper/servo control   ** Specifications subject to change and improvement   Initially a small batch will be made with follow up demonstration videos.   If you would like to register your interest in this product and be placed on the mailing list, please visit my web page (under construction) and click the contact button.   http://transferconvert.co.uk/cinemania/contact.html   I will use relevant questions to formulate a FAQ support page.   June 2013 John Barlow   Supporting the Indy Film Maker  
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