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  1. On 5/23/2018 at 4:19 AM, Robert Collins said:

    I never use 'movie mode'. I have set up my camera with 'C1' as 'default 4k settings' and C2 as 'default HD 120' settings. I occasionally use S&Q for 'slo mo' or 'time-lapse'.

    Almost the same here, but I have a couple of issues with the c1 und c2 modes:

    1. I can't register a custom wb while in c1/c2. Why??

    2. AutoISO: While in c2 with ISO set to auto I get a reading of the used ISO when half-pressing the shutter button before recording. With the same settings but in c1/movie mode the display always shows "AUTO ISO" even when half-pression the shutter. I don't need a continous display of the ISO value, but a staring value before you actually shot is very helpful.



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